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About ShoesClub
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ShoesClub is a collective of sneaker enthusiasts. Through our website, we aim to share valuable knowledge and the latest news regarding sneakers with you.

Our Team

At present, we have three primary authors: Perry Wang, Allen Liang, and Candy Tang.

As a fitness enthusiast, Candy Tang also has a good understanding of various brands of sports shoes. She will give us a better understanding of sneakers according to different sport.

Allen Liang is a big fan of sneakers. He has a wealth of knowledge on almost all sneakers. He will review each brand of sports shoes from a professional perspective.

Perry Wang has been in the sneaker industry for more than 10 years. He is always on top of the latest trends in the shoes world.

Posts Contributor

Certainly, we're continuously on the lookout for more writers with a passion for sneakers. You have the opportunity to publish original or rewritten articles about sneakers on ShoesClub. In return for your contributions, we can retain your affiliate link.

Moreover, we have no issues incorporating your personal links, such as websites or articles, within the content. We adhere to a mutually beneficial approach, provided your article offers worthwhile reading value.

Our Business

Any business requires funding, no matter how small or how big. As a website specializing in the shoes industry, we intend to broaden our scope and engage in other sneaker related ventures in the upcoming future. This move will allow us to raise more funds for our website's growth, which may include ventures like securing advertising sponsorships and conducting sales related to sneakers.

Fortunately, our team members know the sneaker's market very well. For example, we know many trustworthy shoe manufacturers and distributors(resellers). Some of them are in China and some in Vietnam, and they have been in the sneaker business for many years. We believe that these resources will be put to use in the near future.

If you have any good suggestions for ShoesClub, please feel free to communicate with us.