Adidas Wales Bonner Pony Tonal Samba in "Sail" Color

  • Price: $100 (free shipping worldwide)
  • Color: sail/olive/ivory/brown
  • Size: 36-36⅔-37⅓-38-38⅔-39⅓-40-40⅔-41⅓-42-42⅔-43⅓-44-45
  • SKU: ID0217
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This Adidas Wales Bonner Pony Tonal Samba sneaker is crafted with original materials and molds. It is the best quality replica sneaker, with sail upper, ivory laces, brown tongue and olive stripes.

On the hell counter, you will see words of "Wales Bonner". The stitching design can be seen on the heel, which highlights the uniqueness of this shoe. The outsoles of the shoe also adopt a unique design. The sole patterns of the rear and forefoot are different, which not only ensures good grip, but also highlights the uniqueness of the owner.

So would you like to purchase a pair of Adidas Wales Bonner Pony Samba sneaker? You can enjoy free shipping worldwide with only $90.

By the way, we have other styles of Adidas Wales Bonner Pony Tonal Samba for you. There are 4 other colors to choose from.