Air Force 1 with Dragon-Shaped D-ring Carabiner

Nike Air Force 1PriceReleaseStyle
- coconut milk/strawberry pink
- dragon-inspired D-ring

Nike first began acknowledging Chinese New Year in 2002 with the launch of the Air Force 1 "Year Of The Horse". This marked the start of an annual tradition, resulting in a coveted collection of AF1s that includes iconic releases such as the "Year Of The Rabbit" in 2011 and the "Year Of The Dog" in 2006. Building on this legacy, Nike will release the "Year Of The Dragon" in early 2024, accompanied by a never-before-seen accessory.

The Air Force 1 boasts a fitting adornment of textured scales, a translucent sole that seamlessly merges the hues of coconut milk and strawberry pink, and a unique Swoosh embellished with glistening jewels.

Air Force 1 and D-ring Carabiner

The distinguishing feature that distinguishes these shoes from the entire "Year Of The Dragon" collection is the dragon-inspired D-ring carabiner, which exudes a lustrous, iridescent sheen.

Nike usually reserves this annual release exclusively for Asia, so make sure to keep an eye out for the exact details on when and where you can get your hands on the Air Force 1 "Year Of The Dragon".