Air Jordan 4 'Fear' Returns in 2024

2013 Air Jordan 4 'Fear' - toebox/mudguard

In celebration of its 10th Anniversary, Jordan Brand released a new edition of the Air Jordan 3 "Fear" this November. However, the enthusiasm surrounding this reissue in 2023 pales in comparison to its initial release a decade ago. Currently, the once-iconic sneaker sits unsold on store shelves, awaiting an inevitable price reduction.

Nevertheless, the Air Jordan 4 is expected to avoid a similar fate for several compelling reasons.

2013 Air Jordan 4 'Fear' - quarter

Firstly, the Air Jordan 4 has captured the attention of sneaker enthusiasts, surpassing the previously dominant Air Jordan 1. Secondly, the 1989 edition of this iconic model, known as the Fear Pack, stands out as the most impressive due to its captivating combination of black, grey, and white. These factors alone contribute to the heightened anticipation surrounding the release of the Jordan 4 "Fear" in the upcoming year.

Moreover, this announcement strongly suggests that we can expect the Air Jordan 5 "Fear" to make its debut either in 2024 or potentially in 2025.

2013 Air Jordan 4 'Fear' - heel counter
2013 Air Jordan 4 'Fear' - sole units