Asics Gel-1130 - Everyday Lifestyle Sneakers in 'Shark Skin'

Asics Gel-1130PriceReleaseSKU
Shark Skin$952024 Jan 1st1201A256-116

ASICS, a renowned producer of high-quality athletic shoes, has been dominating the industry for over 70 years since its establishment in 1949. In recent times, the brand's collaborations with other notable names have propelled it into the spotlight, enabling it to capture a significant portion of the market previously dominated by industry leaders.

However, the shoe manufacturer from Kobe has remained loyal to its origins as it ventures into the realm dominated by Nike and adidas. While expanding its market with collaborations like the Kith x Marvel X-Men GEL-LYTE III and Kiko Kostadinov x Heaven modernized Mary Jane, it has not compromised its production of accessible, everyday lifestyle sneakers such as the ASICS GEL-1130.

On January 1, a fresh colorway called "Shark Skin" is set to release at a wallet-friendly price of $95. While it may not generate the same level of buzz as the highly anticipated Kiko Kostadinov-designed ASICS NOVALIS or catch the attention of resellers like the GEL-Kiril models do, this is not necessarily a drawback. In fact, the GEL-1130 can be seen as the perfect middle ground for ASICS runners, striking a harmonious balance between style and performance without breaking the bank or succumbing to excessive hype.

Asics Gel-1130 - toebox/mudguard