Awake NY x Nike Air Ship with Metallic Silver Swoosh

Awake NY x Nike Air Ship
Awake NY x Nike Air ShipPriceReleaseStyle
- red and blue for right and left shoes
- metallic silver swoosh
- white leather upper
$1502024 Feb 21stFN8675-100

On June 1st, a multitude of New York's finest individuals gathered together to commemorate the grand launch of Awake NY's first-ever flagship store. Not only did these attendees have the privilege of being the first to witness the new space, but they were also fortunate enough to catch a live preview of Awake NY's forthcoming collaboration with Nike: an exclusive pair of Air Ships.

Awake NY x Nike Air Ship - silver swoosh

Dangling above their central spot in the Lower East Side, the Awake NY x Nike Air Ship showcases an asymmetrical appearance, featuring red and blue hues on the right and left shoes respectively. These colors not only highlight the metallic Swoosh in silver but also adorn the collar, illuminating the blackened Wings and delicate pattern design on top.

The remainder of the footwear follows a simpler approach, utilizing a white leather upper adorned with a stylized letter "A" in Awake's distinctive font.

Take a moment to appreciate the forthcoming Awake NY x Nike Air Ship. No information regarding its release has been revealed thus far, so remain patient and keep an eye out for any announcements on our website.

By the way, Nike Cosmic Unity 3 already released the 'Silver Bullet' version sneakers last month, with crimson red swooshes on the midsole.