Brooks Anthem 6: Affordable Sneakers For New Runners

Brooks Anthem 6 mudguard

Given the staggering diversity of footwear in today's market, coupled with a broad spectrum of prices, there should ideally be a pair to suit everyone's taste. One runner might chase after the newest and most advanced technology, undeterred by the cost. In contrast, another could favor the joy of wearing each iteration of a single model year after year, fervently wishing that the company never alters even the smallest detail, such as the aglet.

Alternatively, another individual might be seeking a reasonably priced starter shoe as a means to explore the world of running without overly straining their finances.

Footwear such as the Brooks Anthem 6 can facilitate entry into the running world, with their relatively lower prices serving as an incentive for beginners to give running a try. An $85 price tag might evoke doubt or even disdain in some. However, when considering any 'budget' shoe - a term we don't see negatively - the ultimate concern should be whether the shoe allows for comfortable and secure running.

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So, let's delve into understanding how the Brooks Anthem 6 could potentially cater to your feet.

Running Performance

Brooks Anthem 6 quarter

The Brooks Anthem 6 embodies a straightforward and uncomplicated design. It features Brooks' fundamental DNA cushioning and a basic, engineered air mesh upper. Although the materials used might not be exceptionally remarkable, the Anthem 6 doesn't appear haphazardly assembled. Instead, it exudes a sense of practicality combined with a charm of the old-school. The fit is simple and well-crafted.

The comfort level of my runs was satisfactory up until about an hour's duration. However, for anything considerably longer, I found myself yearning for more robust cushioning, especially beneath the forefoot. Nevertheless, this still provides a novice runner with ample comfort as they gradually increase their mileage.

The simplicity and flexibility of the midsole also lead to a completely effortless ride. The Anthem 6 was completely compliant, adapting to my foot movements and mechanics, which could be greatly beneficial for someone who is still discovering his/her natural running technique or deciding upon running preferences.

The absence of instability due to the low stack height can broaden the Brooks Anthem 6's appeal. Thus, for those who occasionally visit the gym or engage in non-running activities, this shoe is an affordable yet dependable option that they can trust to be durable.

Are they Good for Runners with wide feet?

Brooks provides an extensive selection of models in various widths, although the Anthem 6 isn't among them. The fit is leaner compared to the usual Brooks' standards. Even though it fits my average-to-marginally-broad forefoot without discomfort, those with genuinely wide feet will find a shoe with more space more convenient.

Conclusion and Summary

If you're in search of a contemporary model that's affordable, the Brooks Anthem 6 caters to the customer by providing adequate comfort and adaptability. This makes it suitable for casual runners, beginners, and individuals aiming to maintain an active lifestyle in general.

Brooks Anthem 6 outsole

On the other hand, if you desire more features or even just a higher stack and are open to waiting and being resourceful, it's always practical to look for deals on models from previous years. It's entirely possible to find a slightly older model that comes with more features and used to retail at $140, at or at least closer to the $85 price range.

Nonetheless, I commend Brooks for creating a perfectly functional $85 running shoe that seems meticulously crafted rather than hastily assembled. The brand persistently applies its core principles of fit and quality, but just uses its most economical materials to stay in line with that philosophy.

Therefore, the good news is that there isn't a wrong approach to choose from. The best choice for you will be the one that aligns most with your lifestyle. Allow your distinct needs and priorities to direct you, and wishing everyone enjoyable runs.

  • Product: Brooks Anthem 6
  • Price: $85
  • Styles&Colors:
    • Grey/Blackened Pearl/Grey
    • Ebony/Black/Blue
  • Details:
    • Road Running
    • Breathability
    • All Day Wear
    • New Runners
    • Soft cushioning
    • Streamlined, breathable upper
    • Smooth transitions
    • Heel drop: 10mm
    • Weight: 9.4oz / 266.5g
Brooks Anthem 6 toebox
Brooks Anthem 6 heel
Brooks Anthem 6 midsole
Brooks Anthem 6 upper