Donald Trump: Never Surrender High-Top Sneaker

Trump golden shoes

During a sneaker conference in Philadelphia over the weekend, former President Donald Trump revealed his latest venture, and it wasn't a political address.

The entrepreneur-turned-politician introduced a collection of radiant, gold-colored sneakers known as the Never Surrender High-Top Sneaker, available for purchase online at $399 per pair.

"This is something I've been talking about for 12 years, 13 years, and I think it's going to be a big success. That's the real deal."

- Donald Trump

He showcased the golden-hued shoes, adorned with an American flag emblem on the back and a prominent capital T on the side.

According to The Associated Press, Trump's appearance at the Philadelphia convention elicited a blend of cheers from his supporters and jeers from his detractors.

The revelation came just a day following a ruling by a New York judge, instructing Trump and the Trump Organization to compensate over $355 million in connection to a civil fraud lawsuit. Prosecutors had alleged Trump, along with his two eldest sons and other associates, of artificially inflating the worth of specific properties and assets for personal financial benefits.

Trump shoes with capital T

Trump is seeking the Republican nomination for president, aiming for reelection later this year in the upcoming fall campaign.

"What's the most important thing? To go out and vote, right? We have to go out and vote."

- Donald Trump

The product launch was an uncommon convergence of the realms of politics and fashion.

Bridget Barrett, a professor at the University of Colorado Boulder specializing in political and campaign merchandise, expressed that she has never encountered anything similar to sneakers branded with Trump's name.

"Plenty of politicians turn their reputation into a money-maker, but typically not at this level of politics. He is more akin to celebrity spokespeople and influencers."

- Bridget Barrett

The weekend product release also provided an opportunity for Trump's Democratic adversaries to mock the former president.

"Donald Trump showing up to hawk bootleg Off-Whites is the closest he'll get to any Air Force Ones ever again for the rest of his life."

- Biden-Harris 2024 Communications Director Michael Tyler

Rep. Dean Phillips, D-Minn., who is vying for the Democratic nomination, tweeted a picture of a vibrant platform shoe accompanied by the message: "Game on, Don."

Only 1,000 pairs of the Trump high-top sneakers were made available for presale, as stated on the website where they were listed, and they sold out within days of their launch. Trump personally autographed at least 10 pairs of the sneakers.

Trump steaks

Dee Jackson, a fashion designer leading the label Dee and Ricky alongside his brother Ricky Jackson, suggested that the sneakers seemed to serve as more of a marketing tactic aimed at Trump's political supporters rather than appealing to the typical sneaker enthusiast.

Jackson remarked, "Sneakerheads probably won't be too excited about it since it lacks a cool design or a collaboration with a major brand like Nike or Adidas". He pointed out that despite this, the shoe might still become a collectible due to the buzz surrounding it.

"I just feel like he's trying to get that marketing attention because he knows all the young kids are gonna talk about it."

- Jackson

The online store(gettrumpsneakers) also showcases a range of other Trump-branded products available for purchase, such as cologne, perfume, and additional sneaker designs.

This isn't the inaugural occasion when Trump has endorsed products bearing his name.

Trump has marketed wine from his Virginia vineyard, once retailed a line of steaks via the store Sharper Image, and even promoted a Milton Bradley board game titled "Trump: The Game".