Dsquared2 Men's Casual Sneakers in 4 Colors

  • Price: $120 (free shipping worldwide)
  • Color: white/black/red/blue/green/sand
  • Size: 38~43
  • Delivery Address: China Putian
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These 4 sneakers are not in stock, we need about 15-20 days to produce, if you can't wait, please don't place an order.

These four Dsquared2 casual sneakers are crafted with the top layer of the cow's skin, which is the most durable and strongest part. They are the perfect sneakers for your outdoor daily wear. Their elegant appearance perfectly interprets the beauty of fashion.

On the bottom layer of shoelaces, you can find the words "DSQ2". On the tongue and outsole, there are maple leaf patterns, which symbolize the origin country of the DSQUARED2 brand - Canada.

On the heel, there is a pull tab, which makes the process of putting on your shoes more convenient. The protruding lace holes make your upper look more three-dimensional.

On both sides of the shoes, there are some small round holes, which not only increase the beauty, but also further increases the breathability of the sneakers.

We only sell the best replica sneakers with high quality. This is not only reflected in the materials used, but also in the appearance of the shoes. Not only are there no burrs or threads, but they are also guaranteed to be restored one to one.

So what are you waiting for? Let's take a closer look at their photos below. I like the red and blue striped sneakers. What about you?