Fendi Match Sneakers in 8 Colors

FENDI - pink/white
  • Price: $120 (free shipping worldwide)
  • Size: 35/36/37/38/39/40/41/42/43/44/45
  • Color: white/grey/black/pink/brown/yellow/sail
  • Code: 7E1493AHH2F1FZB / 7E1493AHH2F1FHS
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At our company, we are proud to have established a strong and reliable partnership with Fendi shoe factories. We work closely together to create high-quality sneakers that are both fashionable and functional. Our latest release is the Fendi Match sneaker, which comes in a range of 8 stunning colors.

The design of the Fendi Match sneaker is simple yet sophisticated, with a high-end texture that sets it apart from other sneakers on the market. The upper is made of imported thick leather and original cowhide + suede material that has undergone a light throwing technology process. This ensures that the material is both durable and comfortable, providing a perfect fit for your feet.

In addition to the premium materials used, the Fendi Match sneaker also features a number of stylish details. The tongue of the sneaker features a retro label, while the collar and laces are made from a vibrant yellow terry material that adds a pop of color. The Fendi logo is embossed onto the sole of the sneaker, which is covered in rubber and features a beige shock-absorbing material that provides excellent support and cushioning.

We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible products, and we are constantly working to expand our range of Fendi Match sneakers. With more colors and styles on the way, we are confident that you will find the perfect pair of sneakers to suit your style and needs. Whether you are looking for a bold statement piece or a classic and versatile sneaker, the Fendi Match sneaker is sure to impress.

We only cooperated with factories who produce high quality replica sneakers. So you don't have to doubt our quality because the materials, glue and molds we use are all consistent with the original shoes. Don't hesitate again, welcome to contact us and purchase your favourite sneakers.