Kenner Signed Anitta and Masego to Expanded Business into America

Anitta and Masego

Kenner, the Brazilian shoe brand, is making its debut in the United States with a little help from its friends. On Thursday, the company will unveil four new shoe styles with the assistance of Grammy-nominated artists Anitta and Masego. In addition, Anitta will be the first Global Brand Ambassador for the footwear company.

"Kenner is an iconic brand that I have known since I was a teenager. So when I was invited to be an ambassador, it was an accomplishment. My style is aligned with Kenner, since as a good “carioca”, I love to dress with style and comfort. Kenner is very well known in Brazil, it is part of our culture and all I want is to bring an authentic expression of Rio fashion to the world."

- Anitta

Famous among the fashion enthusiasts of Brazil's streets, the four-hero designs are both tough and quirky. They are perfect for those who want to explore the great outdoors in urban settings, all while keeping the brand's open-toed shoe design and adaptable style.

Anitta in Kenner shoes

"We created the Rakka hybrid sole to be both aesthetically interesting and anatomically functional. Our high standards for functionality and comfort mean we always work with premium materials and advanced manufacturing technology to guarantee quality, comfort and finish."

- Bernardo Cabral, international marketing manager for Kenner

To introduce the release, Masego and Anitta were captured in pictures and videos on the roads of Miami, with the intention of honoring the lively artistic customs that arise from Brazil's streets. The promotional music for the project is a blend of the two performers' styles, starting with a rhythm that's more upbeat and then transitioning into a funk beat that hearkens back to the beginning of Anitta's career.

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Anitta in Kenner shoes

"Kenner’s hybrid designs are dope because they push boundaries and encourage individuality. For an artist, having that kind of freedom and versatility in something as fundamental as footwear is inspiring. It’s like they’re giving us a canvas to express ourselves even before we step on stage. Their designs are not just about comfort and style; they’re about making a statement. That aligns perfectly with what I aim to do with my music—break norms and inspire others to embrace their uniqueness. Plus, when you’re comfortable and feel good in what you’re wearing, it just amplifies your creative energy."

- Masego
Kenner shoes

All brands need celebrity power, just as we’ve reported before, Saucony signed Vanessa Fraser who is a professional runner in United States, and Salomon signs Feid as its global ambassador. With the help of these celebrities, the brands will gain more followers in a short period of time.