Li-Ning Way of Wade 11 Model Reflects the Afrofuturistic Aesthetics

Dwayne Wade

Dwayne Wade's Li-Ning shoe line continues to evolve even after his retirement, embracing the captivating realm of afrofuturism.

The latest Li-Ning Way of Wade 11 model taps into this aesthetic, weaving in various narratives from Wade's life. The shoe features a redesigned Way of Wade logo on a TPU mid-foot to heel wrap, packed with intricate details that go beyond the initial visual.

Over 20 symbols are incorporated, representing his three NBA championships with the Miami Heat, his jersey number and 16-year career, as well as the waves of Miami's South Coast. The mismatched outsole patterns are equally dense with symbolism, including an African mask-style depiction of Wade's face, abbreviations for his hometown of Chicago and adopted city of Miami, and a nod to his daughter.

This latest iteration of the Li-Ning signature shoe seamlessly blends Wade's personal history with the visionary afrofuturistic aesthetics.

"The Li-Ning Way of Wade 11 is more than just a shoe. It’s a representation of my ongoing journey and the next chapter of my evolution. As I begin my new chapter I’m excited to partner with a company like Kicks Crew that shares my vision so we can bring my shoes to more people worldwide."

- Wade

The Way of Wade basketball shoe boasts a cutting-edge design that enhances athletic performance. Its Carbon Core drive system, paired with Boom technology, offers exceptional stability and energy return, resulting in a reported 3.8 to 4.1 percent increase in vertical jump height and a 12 percent boost in vertical jump speed.

Additionally, the GCU molecular rubber outsole provides a 32 percent increase in grip on dusty surfaces. For its debut, the Way of Wade 11 will be available in a "305" colorway, inspired by the Miami area code and the colors of the Heat.

The shoe's raffle will run from June 22 to June 29, with winners notified on June 30. The retail price is set at $225.