'Lilac Bloom' Nike Dunk Low with Embroidered Flower

Nike Dunk LowPriceReleaseStyle
- 'lilac bloom/pale yellow/off-white/sail/brown'
- base leather layer
- flower embroidered on heel

Although spring has not yet arrived, Nike is already well-equipped for the upcoming season of blossoming flowers and inviting sunlight that entices us to venture outdoors.

It appears that the Swoosh brand has abandoned their previous seasonal collections like the "Plant Dye" Pack and the "Pineapple" themed collection. Now, these unique releases are left to commemorate the changing seasons on their own.

Nike Dunk Low 'Lilac Bloom' - toebox/mudguard

However, this Dunk Low is prepared for the task at hand. Designed with a colorway that captures the essence of the months leading up to summer, this women's Dunk release showcases a gentle Lilac Bloom hue on the overlay, complemented by a Pale Yellow accent. The base leather layer and midsole are adorned in an off-white Sail shade, while the sole features a natural brown color that represents the soil from which a bud blossoms into a beautiful flower. Lastly, these colors converge on the flower logo embroidered on the heel emblem.

Anticipate a cost of approximately $135 for these Premium Dunks due to the use of high-quality materials and the additional effort put into the stitching at the heel.