Copper-based Mineral Inspires 'Malachite' Nike Air Max 90

Nike Air Max 90 toebox/mudguard
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MalachiteFinish Line$130FB9658-102

Remaining a beloved choice among sneaker enthusiasts, the Air Max 90 has firmly established itself as a timeless icon. Nike consistently brings forth innovative renditions of this classic silhouette to maintain its appeal, exemplified by the recently unveiled "Malachite" edition. This variant showcases a vibrant shade of green, drawing inspiration from the captivating hues found in the copper-based mineral.

The term "malachite" is quite apt when taken literally, as it has been utilized as a coloring agent in various paints. Additionally, the ancient Greeks employed this mineral to craft amulets and adornments, which incidentally gave rise to the brand name "Nike." It's rather astounding to discover the profound significance behind a mere hue featured on a trendy sneaker.

The upper of the shoe, made of rubber material, showcases a stunning shade of green known as "Malachite." This unique color can also be seen in the leather Nike swoosh and the ridged encasing of the Air bubble.

Adding to the mineral-inspired design, touches of golden yellow are incorporated through the Air Max logo on the upper and the Nike logo on the tongue. The nubuck upper is elegantly finished in a chalky gray, creating a beautiful contrast with the black back stay and mudguard. The remaining elements of the shoe, such as the laces and back stay "Nike Air" logo, are kept in a clean and crisp white hue.

The shoes are currently available for purchase at Finish Line, priced at $130. We anticipate their arrival at additional retailers in the near future.

By the way, Jacquemus x Nike Air Max 1 ’86 will be released in the upcoming spring of 2024, which combines 'University Red' and white.