New Balance 2002R with GORE-TEX Technology

New Balance 2002RPriceReleaseStyle
- 'orange/blue' color
- GORE-TEX technology to ensure your feet stay dry

Referred to as both devoted and misguided, the New York sports fan, especially those who pledge their loyalty to the colors of orange and blue, may occasionally reside in an imaginary realm. Nevertheless, their unwavering dedication to the journey and endurance of suffering is unquestionable.

No matter how hopeful or hopeless the team's future may seem, orange and blue shoes have always resonated with sneaker enthusiasts in New York City and beyond.

New Balance 2002R toebox/mudguard

For instance, the Air Max Penny "Knicks" from 2005 or Danny Supa's original Nike SB Dunk inspired by the Mets; both were highly sought after regardless of one's allegiance to a specific team.

What sets the upcoming New Balance 2002R apart and makes it even more appealing is the inclusion of GORE-TEX technology, ensuring that your feet stay dry in the face of spilled beer at stadiums.

Knicks fans can anticipate an exciting remainder of the season, as they have a chance to make it to the Playoffs. Meanwhile, Mets fans, supported by their owner's willingness to invest, are focused on rebuilding their team for another impressive season with over 100 wins. Although not without flaws, the present circumstances represent a significant improvement from the bleak times of a few seasons back. And even if your team doesn't come close to winning the championship, the progress made will still be a victory in terms of groundwork.

Anticipate the imminent arrival of the 2002R GORE-TEX this Spring season at New Balance, where it will be available for purchase at the price of $180. Take a closer look at this highly anticipated release and prepare yourself for its upcoming launch.