New Balance 911 Will Deliver Two Winter Style Sneakers

New Balance 991 winner sneakers
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Black with turbulence and monument$2602023 Dec 7thM991WTRNew Balance

Over the past few years, the New Balance 991 has become a regular presence in various iterations, with only a few collaborations. Originally hailing from Flimby Cumbria, this shoe has now become a key component of the Boston brand.

As the temperature drops and nature sheds its foliage, New Balance is preparing for the seasonal change by introducing two new versions of the 991. These sneakers are designed to withstand the unpredictable winter conditions.

New Balance 991 color schemes

The upper of the shoe has a cozy appearance, achieved by coating the base layer with a thick ripstop material and adding suede and nubuck overlays. The shoe is divided into two distinct color schemes. The first scheme features dark shades, with two shades of grey in the mid-foot area and black overlays.

The second scheme showcases cream tones that extend to the chunky sole unit. The tongue and vamp are adorned with muted brown shades, providing a contrasting accent. The "N" logos and laces stand out with their strict black color.

New Balance 991 dark black shoes

As we eagerly anticipate more information on the release, take pleasure in exploring the winter collection of the New Balance 991. Delve into the intricate details provided below (SKU: M991WTR).

In which year was the New Balance 991 first introduced?

winter collection of the New Balance 991

In the year 2001, New Balance introduced the 991, which served as a precursor to the New Balance 990v2. This shoe marked a significant milestone for the Boston-based company, as it incorporated an ABZORB insert in both the forefoot and heel. The improved midsole design, along with its aerodynamic toe box and exceptional comfort, mirrored the characteristics found in other performance running models of that era.

Does the New Balance 991 consist of pigskin?

New Balance 991 winter shoes release date
New Balance 911PriceReleaseStyleRetailer
Pelican with island fossil and roasted cashew$2602023 Dec 7thM991WINNew Balance

Designed with both comfort and fashion in mind, the MADE UK 991 men's sneaker combines a timeless ABZORB midsole for optimal cushioning with a premium pigskin, synthetic, and mesh upper. This iteration of our iconic sneaker prioritizes style without compromising on comfort.

Why New Balance's choice to utilize pigskin?

ABZORB New Balance sneaker

Pigskin possesses significantly larger pores compared to cowhide, which grants it enhanced breathability. Additionally, its ability to dry at a quicker pace when exposed to moisture mitigates the risk of shrinking and cracking.

New Balance 991 pigskin