Nike Air Jordan 12 "Yellow/Black"

Price: $140 (free shipping)

Color: Yellow/Black

Size: 40/41/42/42.5/43/44/45/46/47.5/48

SKU: 130690-070

Seller: nnbbPT

The entire body of Air Jordan 12 sneaker is made of high-quality leather, and the overall color is very close to the classic "Taxi" color scheme. Details such as the shoelace buckle and the Jumpman Logo on the tongue are all decorated with eye-catching gold, giving it a full sense of luxury! The shoelaces are different from the "Taxi" color scheme and are made of black, but you can choose white shoelaces according to your own preferences. The word "23" on the heel is presented in white, which is different from the red of "Taxi". The large area of carbon plate on the sole is still retained.