Nike Air Max Scorpion with Rose-inspired Upper

Nike Air Max ScorpionPriceReleaseStyle
- pink
- flyknit uppers
- stacked Air bubbles

In the middle of 2022, Nike unveiled the Air Max Scorpion, a shoe that builds upon the rich heritage of visible Air cushioning and showcases the boundless potential it holds. Throughout the previous year, this silhouette has not only expanded upon the legacy of Air cushioning but also showcased the incredible possibilities it offers.

The initial sneaker project constructed through remote collaboration was the extra-cushioned model. Rather than dwell on the period between 2020 and 2022, in-person meetings were discouraged. By utilizing virtual meetings, advanced 3D technology, and other innovative tools, the Swoosh's team successfully created a revolutionary Air Max product, which hit stores in the summer of 2022.

Nike Air Max Scorpion - toebox/mudguard

The pair's Flyknit uppers offer a familiar fit, while its layered cushioning solutions propel wearers into the future. The Air Max Scorpion may not be suitable for everyone, but its inherently bold nature has been slightly subdued with tonal color palettes. The newest release showcases various shades of pink, giving the attention-grabbing shoe a softer appearance.

However, stacked Air bubbles maintain a simple, transparent finish, allowing the upper's rose-inspired transformation to take center stage.

Get ready to feast your eyes on some official photos of this dynamic sneaker, and mark your calendars for a release in the first six months of 2024. The Air Max Scorpion comes with a price tag of $250 USD.

By the way, adidas Forum Mid will release a new version sneaker with 'Clear Pink' color scheme for women in 2024 spring, it may cost $110.