Nike Cortez will Release Teal and Yellow Color Sneakers in 2024 Spring

Nike CortezPriceReleaseStyle
Teal / Yellow$902024HF0118-300

Last year marked the 50th birthday of the Nike Cortez. While the shoe's low-top style played a crucial role in the brand's early days, its significant anniversary was somewhat overshadowed by other festivities. Nevertheless, in the past 11 months, Nike has been working to rectify this by introducing the sneaker in numerous fresh and vibrant color combinations.

As we approach the end of 2023, Nike's Cortez shoe has unveiled a vibrant teal and yellow colorway that seems better suited for Spring 2024 than Winter 2023.

The upper of the shoe is made of nylon, with suede and leather overlays that provide performance benefits. The toe and lower heel feature fabric accents, while the profile swooshes and "Nike" panels at the Achilles' Heel stand out in a striking yellow color.

This combination of colors pays homage to past eras and breaks away from the muted and tonal styles that have been popular with the sneaker in recent times. The shoe keeps things simple with exposed foam tongues and a straightforward midsole.

However, a strip of yellow foam disrupts the uniform finish of the sole unit, adding another element to the design of this shoe, which would surely be approved by Forrest Gump.

As you eagerly anticipate the official release details on, take pleasure in exploring these exclusive photographs. The time-honored Cortez from Nike Running can be yours for the price of $90 USD.

Nike Cortez in 1972 Summer Olympics

At the height of the 1972 Summer Olympics, the general public was introduced to a new shoe. As soon as people realized that the Nike Cortez was being worn by the U.S. Olympic athletes, the demand for the shoe skyrocketed rapidly.

Eazy-E and Nike Cortez

Eazy-E, the celebrated figure in gangster rap, became the iconic representative of the shoe, the Cortez. In April 1989, the rapper posed for a portrait at Union Square in New York, showcasing his Nike Cortezes. This period also witnessed the emergence of the Cortez as a favored choice among gangs.

Nike Cortez use real leather

Nike's 'Cortez' sneakers have evolved over the past five decades, undergoing various transformations while preserving their original form as a symbol of enduring design. Crafted from leather, these sneakers feature a distinctive textured 'Swoosh' and a touch of green on the serrated sole.

Nike Cortez for marathon and ong distance runners

Originally designed for marathon runners, the sneaker was created to provide comfort and protect the achilles heel during long distance runs. Its goal was achieved, earning it the reputation as the most comfortable running shoe of its time.

Nike Cortez name from Spanish conqueror Hernán Cortés

Nevertheless, Nike was compelled to rename their shoe due to a legal dispute with Adidas. They ultimately settled on the name Cortez, paying homage to the notorious Spanish conqueror Hernán Cortés, who played a significant role in the downfall of the Aztec empire. Coincidentally, the Cortez was unveiled to the public during the summer Olympics of 1972.