Upcoming Nike Dunk Low 'Ultraman' in 'Red/Grey'

Nike Dunk Low 'Ultraman' - toebox/mudguard

Nike launched a collection of Nike Dunks exclusively in Japan 25 years ago, affectionately known as the "City Attack" Pack. These Co.JP releases, featuring Low and High styles in two-tone colors, quickly gained a loyal following and became highly coveted Asia-exclusive sneakers in Nike's history.

In 2024, Nike is unofficially celebrating the 25th anniversary by reintroducing select models, such as the red/grey Ultraman Dunks.

The Nike Dunk Low "Ultraman" gained fame for its striking similarity to the main character in a popular Japanese anime. Originally released in 1999, the sneaker was only available in Japan and in very limited quantities. It featured a unique color-blocking design, with the colors reversed from the iconic red/grey UNLV Dunks. Although the design was based on the original and renowned Be True To Your School collection from 1985, the sneaker quickly became known as the "Ultraman" due to its association with the region where it was released.

The Ultraman Dunk Low's release date remains uncertain at the moment. However, it is anticipated that the price will be set at $135, aligning with the Nike Dunk Low "Curry", which is part of the Co.JP collection.