ON Cloudeclipse for Easy or Recovery Runs

ON Cloudeclipse toebox

The On Cloudeclipse is an excellent trainer for those seeking maximum protection against the ground. Unlike most highly cushioned trainers, it offers a firmer ride that is ideal for easy or recovery runs.

However, its Helion foam midsole lacks significant energy return, making it less suitable for high-performance activities. Despite its comfortable upper and smooth ride, the On Cloudeclipse's price tag exceeds that of other trainers in the same category, without offering any additional benefits.

If you desire a heavily padded On trainer that offers a gentler experience than the Cloudmonster but a more cushioned and solid ride than the Cloudsurfer, consider giving the Cloudeclipse a chance.

If you prefer running shoes that provide a minimalistic feel, the Cloudeclipse may not be the right choice for you. Likewise, if you are seeking a dynamic and adaptable daily trainer that can handle faster-paced runs, the Cloudeclipse may not meet your needs either.

ON Cloudeclipse midsole holes

Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart narrates the story of a former flame who casts such a colossal shadow over her existence that the radiance of the sun is obscured, enveloping her heart in a profound darkness.

You may be curious about the connection between this 80's song and On's newest running shoe. According to On, the Cloudeclipse has their thickest midsole to date. They might have named it this way because, unlike the Bonnie Tyler song, the shoe doesn't hinder the ability to love, but rather completely eliminates the sensation of the ground beneath your feet. If this claim holds true, I believe it's a fitting name for their innovative maximalist trainer.

On Running has introduced the Cloudeclipse, a part of their latest line of maximalist running shoes. This shoe showcases their innovative Cloudtec Phase midsole technology, which was initially debuted in the Cloudsurfer earlier this year, a trainer that I found to be highly enjoyable. Additionally, the Cloudtec Phase can also be found in their Cloudtilt lifestyle sneaker, a collaboration with the fashion brand Loewe, which is priced at $490 for the limited edition.

The Cloudeclipse is a notably weighty member of the On trainers family. With a weight of 10 oz (285 g), it surpasses the Cloudmonster by 0.3 oz (10 g) and the Cloudsurfer by 0.9 oz (27 g). Its heel drop is 6mm (37mm/31mm), and it comes with a higher price tag of $180 without any discount currently.

My initial jog was a leisurely 10 kilometers at a leisurely pace. My immediate impression was that this shoe is best suited for relaxed or recuperative sessions. It felt somewhat sluggish, adequately padded but lacking in opulence, unlike the Cloudsurfer.

The ride provided a high level of comfort right from the start, with no need for any adjustment period. The transitions between movements were remarkably smooth, although I didn't experience a significant amount of energy rebound from the midsole.

The shoe didn't bring to mind any other footwear I've tested, but despite being a fresh On trainer, it bore a strong resemblance to an On.

ON Cloudeclipse upper

The Cloudeclipse boasts a remarkably cozy upper, offering a snug fit that surpasses the Cloudmonster but falls slightly short of the lushness found in the Cloudsurfer. It exudes a sensation akin to that of a daily trainer upper rather than an incredibly cushioned one.

The tongue of the shoe is a smooth, level, woven piece that is connected on either side. The laces thread through two distinct loops on the tongue to prevent any slipping. I am impressed by the excellent heel and overall foot security.

The fit of this product is accurate, with ample space in the front of the shoe for the toes. Those who like a tighter fit may consider sizing down by half, but I personally appreciate the additional room in the front.

The upper of On shoes showcases a remarkable dyeing technique that significantly reduces water consumption by 90%. However, a downside emerges when the shoes come into contact with moisture, causing the dye to bleed onto the pristine white laces. This remains the sole imperfection in the upper design.

If the Cloudmonster is too hard and the Cloudsurfer is too soft, then the Cloudeclipse is the ideal On trainer for you. It offers a well-balanced shoe with a pleasant and enjoyable running experience.

ON Cloudeclipse outsole

According to the information provided, the Cloudeclipse is said to have an additional layer of Cloudtec Phase. However, I am unable to discern where this extra layer is located. The midsole of the Cloudeclipse appears to have the same configuration as the Cloudsurfer, albeit in a taller form. The presence of large holes in the midsole enables it to compress effortlessly, providing a distinct sensation of mechanical cushioning.

The ride is incredibly comfortable and plush, although I wouldn't necessarily label it as being soft. Unlike the New Balance 1080V13 or the Nike Invincible Run 3, it lacks that spongy sensation under your feet, which prevents it from feeling sluggish.

The Cloudeclipse has the feel of a regular running shoe rather than an extremely cushioned one. It is better suited for slower runs because of its thick midsole, which doesn't offer much bounce or energy return. However, it is capable of handling steady-paced runs that fall on the slower end of the spectrum.

Despite its height of 44mm in the heel, the Cloudeclipse maintains a surprising level of stability. The midsole exhibits significant compression under pressure, giving the illusion of a lower height. Additionally, the Helion midsole strikes a balance between softness and firmness, eliminating any excessive inclination, unlike the Cloudsurfer.

The Cloudeclipse stands out as the pioneer On shoe to incorporate a speedboard on its outsole. This innovation yields a noticeably smoother ride compared to having the firm speedboard positioned nearer to the foot. The presence of the Speedboard is crucial for maintaining stability and structure, preventing any potential sloppiness during the ride.

The Speedboard additionally strengthens the middle part of the shoe sole, which enhances the visibility of the front part's curved shape. Although not excessively curved, it does enhance the speed of shifting weight and boosts effectiveness.

The Cloudeclipse's ride is impressive because it minimizes the impact on my legs, shielding them from the harshness of the road. This feature makes it an excellent choice for leisurely long runs. Additionally, it excels at effortlessly handling the accumulation of everyday mileage.

Regrettably, the shoe lacks a sturdy and reliable outsole. The Cloudeclipse surpasses the average On Running shoe in terms of durability due to its flat outsole design and lack of outsole pods. However, the rubber material tends to deteriorate quickly, and I have observed a concerning amount of wear on the outer heel section. Traction on dry surfaces is moderate, but on wet surfaces, it falls below the average standard.

The Cloudeclipse, a well-crafted trainer from On, is a top choice for me. Among all of On's training shoes, this one stands out. It effectively eliminates the feeling of the ground beneath my feet and significantly improves my leg recovery during my marathon training.

ON Cloudeclipse midsole

I plan on incorporating the Cloudeclipse into my running routine for both relaxed jogs and post-workout recovery sessions. This shoe provides greater padding compared to the Cloudsurfer and a smoother, more enjoyable experience than the Cloudmonster. Additionally, the upper portion of the Cloudeclipse is more accommodating than the majority of trainers I've tried this year, which is a pleasant change.

As someone who appreciates well-cushioned trainers, I believe there are alternative, more affordable choices that boast newer midsole materials and offer a livelier sensation. The Helion foam used by On could benefit from being both lighter and more responsive.

The Triumph, Invincible Run, Glycerin, and More provide equal levels of protection as the Cloudeclipse but offer more energetic experiences. While the Cloudeclipse comes with a higher price tag due to its Swiss badge, it is undoubtedly overpriced.

I foresee the Cloudeclipse becoming a highly sought-after shoe for On, gaining considerable popularity within the next year. On has adopted the proven formula that has brought Hoka great success over the years: a generously cushioned midsole that offers minimal ground sensation and ample protection.

  • Price: $180 (on-running)
  • Style & Color:
    • 3MD30090914: Flame | Ivory
    • 3MD30091197: Black | Frost
    • 3MD30090248: White | Sand
  • Usage:
    • Easy runs
    • Recovery runs
  • Constructions & Features:
    • True to size
    • Heel drop: 6mm (37mm / 31 mm)
    • Standard lacing
    • Neutral running style
    • Weight: 285g
    • Bottom unit made with Helion™ superfoam to absorb impact
    • Ultra-thick midsole creates a comfortable and cushioned ride
    • Speedboard® for added control and stability
    • Dope dyed upper uses 90% less water
    • Rubber pads on the outsole for better grip in wet conditions
    • Engineered mesh upper
    • Double CloudTec Phase® midsole technology
ON Cloudeclipse heel counter