Student-Designed Air Jordan 1 Mid "NYC Subway" Inspired by MTA

AJ1 "Subway" | FZ1209-001

Jordan Brand, the popular sportswear company, is set to release a limited-edition Air Jordan 1 that has been designed by students as part of the Wings is the Design Program. The program pairs students with Jordan Brand designers to encourage their creativity and ambition. The Air Jordan 1 Mid “Subway” is one of the latest creations to come out of the program, and it is inspired by the staff of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA).

The MTA is the largest public transit system in North America, and its staff are the unsung heroes of New York City. They work tirelessly to ensure that millions of people can travel around the city each day, and they do so with a dedication that is rarely seen in any other industry. The Air Jordan 1 Mid “Subway” is a tribute to these hardworking individuals, and it is a thank-you for all that they do.

The shoe features a number of inspirational phrases that honor the mindset of the MTA crews. “Always Go Forward” is written on the toe, and it recognizes the determination of the crews who keep NYC moving forward, even in difficult times. “Thank You For All You Do” is written on the back of the tongue as a simple message of gratitude for the MTA employees.

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In addition to the inspirational phrases, the Air Jordan 1 Mid “Subway” also includes the transit system branding. This branding is a symbol of the hard work and dedication of the MTA staff, and it serves as a reminder of the important role that they play in the city.

Overall, the Air Jordan 1 Mid “Subway” is a powerful tribute to the MTA staff, and it is a testament to the importance of their work. Jordan Brand and the Wings is the Design Program have created a shoe that not only looks great but also honors those who keep the city moving forward.

A group of over 130 high school students from various cities across the United States recently had the opportunity to work with the Jordan Brand product-creation team for six weeks. Their task was to design a new version of the iconic Air Jordan 1 sneaker, using the theme of "role models" as their inspiration. The students, who were all part of Jordan Brand Wings partner organizations, hailed from cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Charlotte, and Philadelphia.

Over the course of their six-week collaboration, the students worked tirelessly to come up with innovative and inspiring designs that would capture the essence of their chosen role models. They brainstormed, sketched, and refined their ideas, all with the goal of creating a shoe that would not only look great, but also embody the values and ideals of their role models.

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Finally, after weeks of hard work and dedication, the students from each city presented their final designs to a panel of Jordan Brand employees. The panel carefully evaluated each design and ultimately selected one final design to be put into production.

The winning design, created by a group of students from New York City, features a sleek black and white color scheme with subway-inspired accents. The Air Jordan 1 Mid "Subway" (FZ1209-001), as it is called, is set to be released on May 15th in grade school, preschool, and toddler sizes via, as well as at Nike House of Innovation NYC and Nike SoHo.

"I feel so proud thinking about the people who will be wearing and enjoying this shoe. Now I know what it must feel like when musicians hear their songs on the radio for the first time."

- Oscar Chun, one of the NYC student designers

Overall, the Air Jordan 1 Mid "Subway" is a testament to the power of collaboration and the importance of role models in our lives. It is a shoe that not only looks great, but also carries a powerful message of inspiration and hope.

AJ1 "Subway" | FZ1209-001