Veja Released Its Latest Running Shoe "Condor 3"

VEJA Condor 3 on feet

The latest running shoe from Veja has arrived. This eco-friendly sneaker brand unveiled the Condor 3 on Thursday.

The sneaker emphasizes lightness, durability, and comfort. With a weight of just 10 oz., the Condor 3 features a breathable upper made from engineered mesh, lighter laces, and a slimmed-down tongue to reduce friction points. A film adhered to the sneakers helps to lighten the design, enhancing the running experience. Furthermore, the outsole is covered with a full-length L-foam cushion, greatly improving the shock absorption capabilities.

The materials used comprise recycled polyester, E.V.A. derived from sugarcane, Amazonian rubber, and natural latex sourced from Brazil.

Priced at $200, the shoe is available in two colour variants, namely Black Calcaire and Areia White Gradient. It can be purchased immediately from


Since being established in 2004 by founders Sébastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion, the sneaker brand has made its mark with ethical sourcing. In the previous year, Veja was the honored recipient of the Sustainability Leadership Award at the 37th annual FN Achievement Awards. They commit to upholding fair trade practices by working closely with cooperative groups of small producers in Brazil, simultaneously supporting local communities and utilizing upcycled and eco-friendly materials like organic cotton and wild rubber.

Since its inception, the brand has seen an impressive sale of 12 million pairs of sneakers. It now enjoys a presence in 70 countries, with its products sold in 3,000 retailers. Since its initial market debut, it has introduced 35 unique sneaker styles and expanded its reach by opening stores in cosmopolitan cities such as Paris, New York, Berlin, and more recently, Madrid. Furthermore, Veja has broadened its product line to include children's footwear and has marked its territory in the fiercely competitive running shoe category.