Adidas Cyprex Ultra DLX Sandals in 6 Colors

Price: $80

Color: black/white/olive/grey/blue

Size: 36~45

SKU: CM7525

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The Adidas Cyprex Ultra DLX sandals are in 6 colorways. These are Summer sandals, which are suitable for chill hikes or just strolling on lunch break.

Due to the excellent texture design of the outsole, traxion rubber grips the ground well. Adjustable straps on your instep and heel offer a secure fit with a cushioned hold.

You can see "TERREX" sign on the straps, including adidas classic three stripes in white color.

The sole is slightly undulated to conform to the shape of your foot, ensuring a more comfortable fit. So don't hesitate any more, pick up your favourite sansal now.

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