Adidas Handball Spezial Sneakers in 6 Colors

Price: $100 (free shipping worldwide)

Color: white/sail/black/blue/pink/red/brown

Size: 36/36.5/37/38/38.5/39/40/40.5/41/42/42.5/43/44/44.5/45

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We provide adidas Handball Spezial sneakers in 6 colors. These are low-top casual sneakers. They use gum rubber as their outsoles. The entire shoe is made of suede. At the quarter section, you can see golden "SPEZIAL" words there, which gives a luxurious look.

The classic three stripes and simple but stylish appearance have made the sales of the sneakers hot for many years. Real sneaker lovers will never forgets the beauty of vintage, because they carry our memories.

We only sell the best quality replica sneakers, as we attach great importance to consumers' wearing experience and sneaker quality.

Let's take a closer look at Handball Spezial sneaker photos below. Which color style do you like the best? My favourite is the white upper one with three black stripes.

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