adidas Samba Inspired by Embroidered Napkins

adidas Samba

Sneaker enthusiasts are seeking a touch of creativity for the beloved lifestyle shoe after the triumphant Wales Bonner Samba partnerships. While not an endorsed venture by adidas, we might have stumbled upon an intriguing discovery that will captivate the next wave of Samba devotees.

Amsterdam's Hagel, a distinguished concept studio with a strong track record of collaborations with prominent footwear brands like Nike, has recently unveiled their latest creations. You should definitely give their Instagram a follow to witness their remarkable work. Not only are they known for their imaginative reinterpretations of iconic shoe models, but they have also introduced their very own footwear line called the Shroud earlier this year.

The quartet of Sambas showcases elegant vamps that draw inspiration from intricately embroidered napkins. Each shoe is adorned with dainty fabrics embellished with scattered flowers and complemented by charming piping that resembles the borders of delicate handkerchiefs.

This delightful endeavor has resulted in four distinct color combinations. But till now, it remains uncertain whether Hagel will offer these prototypes for sale on their webshop.

  • concept from Hagel studio
  • four colorways
  • upper inspired by embroidered napkins
  • fabrics with scattered flowers and charming piping