Adidas Brings Back Samba Millennium with Classic Colors

Samba Millennium

Adidas plans to keep leveraging the ongoing Samba trend by reintroducing a contemporary version of the sneaker that was originally launched in 2009.

The Samba Millennium, featured in an Adsum collaboration last year, seems poised for a more extensive comeback, as shown in images from the Bait boutique. Originally redesigned for indoor soccer 15 years ago, the model roughly resembles a fusion of the Samba and the Pro Model 2G basketball sneaker.

Distinct features from the original Samba, such as the zigzag stripes, the toe tip shape, and the mustache, are still evident. A new (as of 2009) sole unit employs EVA foam and a Torsion plate for enhanced performance, but the gum component in its construction still ties the Samba Millennium back to its roots.

Samba Millennium 'white'

The return of the Samba Millennium will be heralded by two classic color combinations: black and white, and white and black. Adsum's rendition of the sneaker, featuring a potpourri of "Nutmeg Beige," grey, black, and white, is still available in a select range of sizes.

Adidas has mirrored Nike's approach with the Air Force 1 and Air Jordan 1, by creating several Samba derivatives, such as the bulky Samba XLG and the platform-style Sambae. While the Samba Millennium has long existed in the brand's archives, it hasn't made much of an impact beyond the indoor fields it was designed for, providing it with a great chance for a fresh start.

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The Adidas Millennium has started making appearances in Japan via retailers like Bait, but confirmation of a release in the United States for the sneaker is still pending. We will continue to update this story as more information comes to light.

Samba Millennium 'black'