Adidas Superstar 82 Shell Toe "Brown"

Price: $100 (free shipping worldwide)

Color: dark brown/core black/core white

Size: 35~45

SKU: IF9034

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This Adidas Superstar 82 sneaker is in "Dark Brown/Black" colorways. It is a classic streetwear with shell toe. Till now, the sneaker is already considered as a street style legend. It will be a good choice for daily casual wear. The shell toe caps will make you look more unique and fashional.

It is made of new top-layer spliced leather material, with distinctive 3D three-dimensional printing on the heel. You can see the white "adidas superstar" words on its tongue label.

As an emotion-based descriptor, brown can evoke feelings of warmth, comfort and natural serenity.It might carry a sense of stability and reliability.

I fell in love with this shell toe sneaker when I first laid eyes on it. How about you? Do you think this best quality sneaker deserves $100(shipping free)?

If you don't like the "Brown" colorway, we also have "White/Black" Adidas Superstar Shell Toe sneakers. Price is also $100, with shipping fee included.