CLOT x adidas Superstar Shell Toe "Black/White"

Price: $100 (free shipping)

Color: black/white/brown/creamy beige

SKU: IH3132

Size: 36/36.5/37/38/38.5/39/40/40.5/41/42/42.5/43/44/45

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The CLOT x adidas Superstar sneakers also feature shell toe. Their main color scheme is Black and White. Some browns and creamy beiges are included in the White sneakers.

Therefore, if you like simple and classic color combinations, then black Sheel Toe sneaker will be your favorite.

I think the most distinctive feature of the entire sneakers are their outsoles.

The jagged outsole of CLOT x adidas Superstar reminds me of shark teeth. However, these "teeth" will effectively improve the grip of the shoes. Make your hiking and climbing off-road more convenient and safer.

In addition, the outsole of this shoe has a very thoughtful touch. The front end of the outsole features horizontal stripes to further increase traction as trail riders step forward. Details really determine success or failure, let us applaud the adidas designers.

My favourite style is the classic "Black/White" sneaker, how about you?

If you don't like the jagged outsole, we have other styles of sneakers for you to choose from. Such as the Puma Palermo OG, which features White upper and Vapour Grey-GUM outsole.