Asics GT-1000 12: Stability Trainer for New Runner

Asics GT-1000 12 running on feet

The GT-1000 is a stability trainer that offers great value for money. It delivers a smooth and comfortable running experience that will last for many miles. However, there are a few factors that prevent it from being the ultimate choice for those seeking an affordable stability trainer.

This stability trainer is perfect for new runners who desire stability and wish to test their interest in running.

Running companies are constantly striving to develop new running shoes that inspire individuals to embrace running as a form of exercise.

A number of manufacturers have produced affordable trainers priced at 100 dollars, incorporating similar features found in their higher-end counterparts.

Asics GT-1000 12 toebox/mudguard

ASICS has recently released the 12th edition of the GT-1000. Does this new version effectively motivate individuals to embrace running and achieve impressive results? In general, I believe the response is affirmative.

ASICS offers a range of stable trainers, including the GT-1000, GT-2000, and the Kayano. Although these trainers share similar features, the Kayano introduces the latest technologies, which gradually trickle down to the 2000s and 1000s.

The GT-1000's 12th edition boasts a fresh upper design, while the rest of the shoe remains unchanged from its predecessor. It is priced at $100 and offers competition to the Brooks Launch GTS.

Asics GT-1000 12 quarter/midsole

When I first opened the box, I was taken aback by their weightlessness. They appeared to be even lighter than the other versions I have experienced while running.

As soon as I put them on, I couldn't help but notice the springiness they had. The GEL cushioning and midsole compound gave me that feeling right from my very first step. Another thing I noticed was how snug they felt. This was because of the lacing system. I had to make a few adjustments before I could get rid of that tightness.

I took the GT-1000 12 out for its first run, a 4-mile summer jog. I had to adjust the laces twice to find the perfect fit before I set off. Once I started running, I experienced a pleasant and buoyant ride. While they lacked a bit in energy return, I still had high hopes for future runs in these shoes.

The latest version of the GT-1000 features a reimagined engineered mesh upper, which aims to enhance both foot security and breathability. These shoes are designed to allow ample airflow, ensuring the utmost comfort for your feet.

Asics GT-1000 12 upper

The extent to which they actually provide a secure grip on your feet is a matter of debate. This is primarily because of the troublesome lacing mechanism. It appeared that every time I wore them, I had to re-tie them in order to achieve a snug fit. Additionally, the detached tongue of the shoe further hindered its ability to stay in place.

The upper of the shoe offers just the right amount of padding. The heel area snugly embraces my heel, ensuring enhanced stability. The toe box provides ample space for your toes to spread out and propel you forward with each step.

The GT-1000 has a perfect fit, aligning with the expected size. It doesn't have any overlays, which means there are no problems with uncomfortable areas or blisters. However, the upper part of the GT-1000 was a letdown due to difficulties with the lacing and tying process.

Asics GT-1000 12 heel/quarter

Let's begin at the very beginning. Similar to all other ASICS shoes, the GT-1000 has an outsole made of AHAR (ASICS high abrasion rubber). This is a sturdy and long-lasting outsole designed to withstand many miles. It ensures the necessary grip on any type of running surface.

ASICS' FLYTEFOAM compound forms the midsole, providing a light and springy feel. This material exhibits a subtle firmness, which is also contributed by the LITETRUSS support system. The support system, a blend of dual density medial post, seamlessly integrates with the midsole, making it nearly imperceptible.

The GT-1000 offered the stability I required during my runs, gently guiding my stride rather than forcefully correcting it. Picture it as a combination of a conventional medial post and guide rails, providing a moderate level of stability.

Asics GT-1000 12 outsole

In the GT-1000, similar to other ASICS trainers, there is a GEL cushioning pocket located in the heel area. This contributes to a lively and energetic ride. Although these shoes effectively absorb the impact of your stride, they don't provide the same level of energy return. As a result, you may feel the need to exert more effort when pushing off with your toes.

When the phrase "getting your money's worth" comes to mind, I immediately think of the ASICS GT-1000. This affordable stability trainer successfully fulfills its intended objectives. I would suggest this trainer to anyone looking to give running a try and in need of stability.

The shoe's standout feature is its midsole. Crafted from FLYTEFOAM, it offers a buoyant and nimble experience, with a touch of solidness beneath. The LITETRUSS support system strikes a perfect balance between traditional stability (medial post) and modern stability (GuideRails). Its seamless integration and timely activation ensure a smooth ride. However, the midsole does fall short in terms of energy rebound, making it challenging to maintain a rapid pace in these shoes.

I had mixed feelings about the upper of the GT-1000. The cushioning was perfect and the engineered mesh, which was newly designed, was both breathable and long-lasting. However, I did have some difficulty with the lacing system. It was challenging to find the right level of tightness, leading me to retie the shoes multiple times. The fit was either too loose or too tight, and this issue persisted throughout my review. Once I did manage to achieve the ideal fit, though, the upper greatly contributed to the shoe's overall performance.

Asics GT-1000 12 heel

In my experience, the GT-1000 trainers were fairly average overall. I found them to be both comfortable and effective in terms of stability and durability. However, I was somewhat disappointed with the fit and the level of energy they provided.

Considering the perspective of a novice runner, the GT-1000 proves to be impressive. It caters to the requirements of someone embarking on their initial running journey, providing everything necessary.

The GT-1000 is an affordable stability trainer that offers a smooth and comfortable ride for long distances. However, there are certain factors that prevent it from being the ultimate choice for those seeking a budget-friendly stability trainer.

  • Price: $100
  • Style: 1011B631.401 (Asics)
  • Color: Storm Blue / Dune
  • Usage:
    • daily training
    • short distance running
    • medium distance running
  • Construction & Features:
    • Heel-drop: 8 mm
    • Weight: 270 g/9.5 oz
    • Support: Neutral / Stability
    • GEL cushioning pocket located in the heel area
    • No overlays
    • Engineered mesh upper: improves breathability and wraps the foot with a soft feel
    • External back counter: Improves the fit and helps increase stability
    • FLYTEFOAM® cushioning: Provides lightweight impact absorption
    • OrthoLite™ X-30 sockliner: Provides soft step-in comfort
    • Tongue wing: Helps create a more supportive fit
    • LITETRUSS® technology: Improves medial support and midfoot integrity
    • Rearfoot GEL® technology: Improves impact absorption and creates a softer feeling at footstrike
    • Outsole: AHAR (ASICS high abrasion rubber)
Asics GT-1000 12 midsole/quarter