Nike Winflo 10: Daily Training Shoes with Cheap Price

Nike Winflo 10 toebox/tip

The Nike Winflo 10 is a versatile everyday shoe that accommodates a variety of pursuits. It offers exceptional comfort and is suitable for both novice and experienced runners, as well as anyone seeking a stylish and functional footwear option.

This shoe is designed for those seeking a multi-purpose option that can meet various needs. It excels in both short sprints and moderate distances.

These shoes are not suitable for runners seeking assistance during demanding long-distance runs. They are better suited for runs under 10 miles and are not recommended for racing purposes.

This marks Nike's 10th iteration of the Winflo. I've owned the previous three models, and each year brings notable enhancements. Simply by comparing the various versions, one can observe the substantial alterations that lend the shoe a more lavish appearance akin to some of Nike's pricier footwear.

Nike Winflo 10 quarter/sole

The Winflo 10 is a versatile and well-balanced shoe that serves multiple purposes as a daily trainer.

The versatility of this shoe is unmatched, as it serves as an excellent option for running shorter or medium distances, a perfect choice for workouts at the gym, and a stylish footwear for casual outings in town.

The Nike brand is reflected in the stylish appearance of these shoes. You can purchase a pair for $70 currently, which I believe is a reasonable price given their versatility and quality craftsmanship.

What's different about the Winflo 10? The main update lies in the redesigned front part. It's crafted to offer an improved and more snug fit. Additionally, the collar has undergone alterations with the addition of extra cushioning in the appropriate spots. Nike consistently enhances the Winflo each year.

If you're looking for a shoe that provides a similar sensation without the hefty price tag, consider giving the Winflo 9 a try. Both shoes offer a remarkable cushioned feel.

If you're looking for a shoe that provides a similar sensation without the hefty price tag, consider giving the Winflo 9 a try. Both shoes(Winflo 9 and Winflo 10) offer a remarkable cushioned feel.

Nike Winflo 10 quarter/sole

The Winflo 8 has notably progressed, although it does not reach the same caliber as its two predecessors. However, the Nike Winflo 10 have now claimed the title as my preferred choice.

The Winflo shares similarities with the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 40, but it comes at a higher price with the added benefit of a more reactive midsole.

Having enjoyed the Winflo 9s, I eagerly anticipated trying out the 10s. Upon unboxing them, I immediately observed Nike's ongoing efforts to enhance their resemblance to the pricier Nike running shoes. The Winflo 10 doesn't deviate from this pattern. They increasingly resemble the Pegasus model. Perhaps one could consider them a cost-effective alternative to the Pegasus?

Nike Winflo 10 upper/tongue

When I wore them for the first time, I immediately noticed the luxurious cushioning of the midsole and the comfortable sensation of the upper. The upper has a distinct appearance, but in terms of how they feel, they are quite similar.

The initial race covered a 5k distance at a reasonable speed. Right from the start, it was evident that there would be no issues. No period of adjustment was necessary.

Although I didn't experience an increase in speed or find my run easier, the shoes did provide exceptional comfort during my workout. I have utilized these shoes for a range of different exercises. They particularly excel in shorter to medium distance runs and are suitable for all-day wear.

I have utilized them for my speed training sessions and they do perform effectively, although they do feel a bit overly cushioned. Personally, I favor a midsole that is more solid and facilitates a faster push-off for my toes.

The Winflo 10 was created by Nike as part of their Move to Zero campaign.

According to Nike, this item was created with recycled materials sourced from discarded consumer and/or manufacturing waste. Selecting the right materials is a crucial part of our efforts to achieve zero carbon emissions and waste. As materials make up over 70% of a product's environmental impact, using recycled plastics, yarns, and textiles helps us greatly reduce our emissions. Our aim is to incorporate as many recycled materials as we can, while still ensuring top-notch performance, durability, and style.

The upper of the shoe is constructed from a specially designed mesh material that offers excellent support and allows for optimal airflow. It is highly flexible and has a plush feel overall. Unlike other shoes, there are no additional layers on top, so you won't experience any discomfort or friction. The Winflo 10 has made significant enhancements to the toe box area, providing ample space while still ensuring a snug fit.

Nike Winflo 10 mesh layer

The upper part of the shoe has a tongue that is attached to it from the inside and is nicely cushioned. By tying the laces tightly, you can ensure that your foot feels securely held without any additional pressure on the top. One aspect that could be enhanced is the quality of the shoelaces themselves, as they are of the usual standard type. Occasionally, I experienced them coming undone, but I simply made sure to tie them in a double knot.

You'll notice a cushioned collar encircling the back of the shoe, providing a comfortable fit around the ankle. I experienced no discomfort and my heel remained stable. There were no issues with slipping or chafing.

These shoes are lightweight and allow for breathability. Additionally, if they happen to get wet, the upper material dries fairly fast.

The midsole of these shoes features Nike Air cushioning that spans the entire length. Additionally, there is Cushlon foam present. The combination of these two elements provides a gentle landing with minimal force. Furthermore, the interaction between the soft foam and Nike Air cushioning results in a bouncy sensation with every stride. I would describe the cushioning as moderate, as it is particularly noticeable during shorter runs but becomes less responsive beyond 10 miles.

Nike Winflo 10 outsole

Nike claims that their shoe provides excellent stability and support, emphasizing that a supportive shoe enhances your natural stride.

The Winflo 10 offers a perfect blend of customized assistance and strategically positioned padding, providing a sense of confidence and stability with each stride. Designed with a neutral support system, this shoe ensures a harmonious equilibrium for both heel and forefoot runners.

The Winflo 9's outsole is quite similar. Constructed from rubber, it features a waffle-style design that spans the entire sole. This ensures dependable grip in any situation.

I am truly fond of this shoe. With each new release, Nike manages to improve upon its previous versions. If you are in search of an affordable everyday training shoe that you can wear for both running and casual outings with friends, I highly recommend jumping on the Winflo bandwagon and buying a pair.

Nike Winflo 10 heel/sole
  • Price: $70
  • Style: FN6825-010 (Nike)
  • Color: Black / Volt / Hyper Pink / White
  • Usage:
    • daily training
    • short distance running
    • medium distance running
    • Gym workout
  • Constructions:
    • engineered mesh upper which is strong, flexible, comfort, lightweight and breathable
    • add a layer at toe overlays to increase durability
    • tongue is connected to the upper's inner lining
    • add extra cushioning at the collar
    • created with many recycled materials to achieve zero carbon emissions and waste
    • neutral support system / medium cushion / medium responsiveness
    • rubber outsole with waffle-style pattern
    • Weight: 296 g (Men's size 10)
    • Heel-to-toe drop: 10 mm
Nike Winflo 10 heel