Asics GT-2000 12 Detailed Review

GT-2000 12 toebox

The ASICS GT-2000 12 is a trainer designed for stability. It is not only durable, but also offers versatility and comfort. With subtle yet impactful modifications, this trainer has elevated its performance from good to exceptional.

This shoe is designed for a runner seeking a stability trainer for everyday use, suitable for any kind of run.

ASICS introduced a fully revamped Kayano earlier this year.

The GT-2000 differs from this scenario as it showcases a mix of new modifications and older elements that have been retained.

The GT-2000 holds a special place in the ASICS stability series, being the middle place. Often referred to as the wise and experienced elder, the Kayano takes the role of the oldest. On the other hand, the GT-1000 is the youngest, bringing a sense of freshness to the family. Despite being the middle child, the GT-2000 has been a part of the family for nearly as long as the Kayano, proving that it is not overlooked or forgotten.

In its 28th year of existence, it has employed various numbering systems over time.

Priced at 140 dollars, this product vies with the Saucony Guide, Brooks Adrenaline, and Hoka Arahi.

GT-2000 12 quarter

Upon laying my eyes on the diva pink colorway, an immediate desire for them surged within me. The sight of pink running shoes for men brought a sense of novelty and delight. As I unveiled the contents of the box, the shoes appeared even more vibrant and captivating. For those who do not fancy pink, fret not, as there are several other color options available.

What caught my attention was the noticeable contrast in appearance compared to the previous time I wore them, the GT-2000 9. Furthermore, they also provided a distinct sensation that diverged from my previous experience.

The shoes felt weightless, striking a perfect balance between comfort and responsiveness. This combination convinced me that the 2000s would provide a swift experience, heightening my enthusiasm for them.

The GT-2000 embarked on its inaugural 5k journey. The run felt pleasant, and I discovered myself gradually increasing my speed. As the first run concluded, I eagerly anticipated the prospect of logging countless more miles in these shoes.

GT-2000 12 upper

The GT-2000 features a specially designed Jacquard mesh upper. This unique double-layered breathable mesh offers a balanced combination of support and flexibility.

Getting the ideal fit is a breeze with the uncomplicated lacing mechanism. The tongue has been significantly slimmed down, which was a positive change, although it may not be suitable for everyone.

The recently introduced heel collar has been designed to provide enhanced comfort while also facilitating the Achilles' natural movement.

The heel counter also contains an optimal level of padding. The GT-2000's upper, which is designed with simplicity, offers all the essential elements: support, coziness, and steadiness.

GT-2000 12 outsole

Over the past couple of years, the ASICS GT-2000 has undergone significant transformations. Although the changes are still ongoing, they are not as easily distinguishable. To understand these modifications, let's start by examining the outsole, which is now protected by LO-HRD rubber.

Such an outsole maintains its strength while being lighter in weight. It offers grip on any surface or in any weather. Assisting in this is the AHARPLUS rubber plug in the heel, strategically positioned in areas that experience the most impact.

The initial difference I observed was the absence of GEL in the heel. Instead, it has been relocated to the interior of the cushioning. Additionally, the midsole now consists of FLYTEFOAM Blast Plus, a novel compound that is both lighter in weight and three-dimensionally constructed. This results in a well-balanced running experience, with the added advantages of reduced weight and enhanced bounce provided by this innovative material.

This fabric provides a cozy fit and enables effortless acceleration, should you desire.

In its 10th edition, the footwear brand decided to part ways with the Duomax stability system. Instead, they have introduced the 3d Guidance System to provide stability. This innovative system comprises of three distinct elements:

  1. increased heel bevel
  2. wide basenets
  3. forefoot flare

The added security of a wider base and forefoot ensures that your heel remains firmly in place. This results in a stable and smooth ride, with seamless transitions and powerful toe-offs. The sensation of transitioning feels reminiscent of Hoka's unique rocker shape geometry, creating a dynamic system that activates when necessary, and the 8 mm drop further aids in achieving this.

GT-2000 12 midsole

Have you ever experienced the surprise of seeing a friend after a long time and noticing how much they have transformed physically? That's exactly how I felt when I examined the ASICS GT-2000 12. This new edition of the shoe was quite distinct from the previous one I reviewed, which was the 9th version. Although the changes were not as drastic as the previous updates, I was curious to see how they stacked up against each other.

The outsole rubber on the midsole was replaced with a new one called LO-HRD, while the GEL cushioning was relocated internally. The 3D Guidance System was retained. As a result, the ride becomes more durable and stable. It provides a perfectly even balance, motivating me to run a bit faster than my usual speed.

The GT-2000, although it takes a bit longer to pause, makes up for it with its impressive 3D Guidance System. This feature seamlessly kicks in when necessary, all while remaining inconspicuous. As a result, the GT-2000 proves to be a versatile and all-encompassing trainer.

The GT-2000's upper combines support and cushioning for a comfortable running experience. The redesigned tongue and heel collar offer a sleek and secure fit, ensuring that every time I tied them, they felt just right.

I have reviewed numerous products from ASICS, making it the brand I am most familiar with. As time has passed, I have noticed that the distinctions between the Kayano and GT-2000 have become less clear. In previous years, I criticized the GT-2000 for being too similar to the Kayano, thus lacking its own unique qualities as a trainer. However, my perspective has shifted with the release of the 12th edition.

GT-2000 12 FF Blast+ midsole

I find the GT-2000 12 to be my preferred choice after trying both the GT-2000 12 and the Kayano 30. The GT-2000 12 is a trainer that is lighter and faster, providing a well-balanced running experience. It excels in absorbing shock, smoothly transitioning from impact to forefoot, and offering sufficient energy return. The transition, in particular, is exceptionally effective, making running in these shoes a breeze.

If a friend were deciding between the Kayano and GT-2000 12, I would advise them to choose the GT-2000 12. This shoe offers durability, stability, balance, and adaptability for extensive use.

  • Price: $140 (Asics)
  • Style: 1011B691.700
  • Color: Diva Pink / White
  • Usage:
    • daily training
  • Constructions & Feature:
    • Heel-drop: 8 mm
    • Weight: 270 g/9.5 oz
    • Support: neutral / stability
    • Cushion: extra
    • Designed For Neutral / Overpronation
    • Double-layered breathable Jacquard mesh upper
    • AHARPLUS rubber plug in the heel
    • GEL relocated to the interior of the cushioning
    • Rearfoot PureGEL technology for lightweight cushioning and softer landings
    • OrthoLite™ X-30 sockliner for soft step-in comfort
    • AHAR® LO-HRD outsole for improved durability
    • upper materials is made with 50% recycled content
    • 3D GUIDANCE SYSTEM™ for advanced stability
    • FF BLAST™ PLUS cushioning for lightweight impact absorption and a responsive rebound
    • AHAR®PLUS™ heel plug rubber for improved durability
    • Reflective details for visibility in low-light
GT-2000 12 heel