ASICS Gel-Excite 10 Detailed Review

Gel-Excite 10 toebox

The ASICS Gel-Excite 10 is a straightforward shoe that requires no extra thought. It effortlessly guides the runner through their journey with a comfortable and supportive design, providing adequate protection for the feet. Plus, it comes at an affordable price that suits various budgets.

Runners who have medium to low arches and do not require additional support in their footwear, and who have a regular running style or tend to land on the outer edge of their foot, will find the comfort and fit of Gel-Excite appealing. This shoe is suitable for most training runs, including those preparing for a half marathon or shorter distances. It is a simple and versatile running shoe that can be worn on a daily basis.

If you're a runner who needs support or tends to wear out the soles of your shoes quickly, the Nike Downshifter 12 is a better option for you. It's also not suitable for those who engage in high mileage training, like preparing for a full marathon.

Gel-Excite 10 quarter

For a decade now, Gel-Excite has been silently bringing joy to runners. With its impressive features and appealing design, this neutral running shoe effortlessly checks all the right boxes. It offers an affordable price, a smooth transition during footplant (which is particularly important to me), overall comfort in both the upper and sole, breathability, and decent longevity.

ASICS experiments with their newest advancements in technology within their pricier product lines, while continuing to incorporate top-notch materials in their more affordable models such as Gel-Excite.

Some comparable shoe options are Nike Winflo, adidas Duramo, Brooks Anthem, Saucony Cohesion, and Nike Downshifter.

The Excite shoe is part of a trio that includes the Nike Downshifter and adidas Duramo. These shoes vary in stability, with the Downshifter being the most stable and the Excite being the most neutral. The same ranking applies to the grip and durability of the outsoles.

Excite stands out for its exceptional comfort, offering a plush feel beneath your feet, a spacious fit, and a seamless ride. Duramo falls in the middle, providing a good level of roominess and cushioning. On the other hand, Downshifter offers the least amount of softness, fit, and smoothness.

Gel-Excite 10 midsole

For those who prefer more affordable footwear options, the Duramo offers a balanced combination of qualities, while the Downshifter and Gel-Excite cater to different running styles, providing the necessary extremes.

At first glance, Gel-Excite appears to be your typical running shoe. It possesses the aesthetic of a traditional running shoe, devoid of any extravagant embellishments, intricate designs, or vibrant neon colors commonly found in pricier running shoes nowadays.

On my initial stroll around the kitchen, I discovered that this shoe bestowed upon me the identical impression as the first 50 miles of my journey: a fundamental sense of comfort without any concerns regarding the ride, sensation, or fit.

The shoe simply functions. It performs exactly as it appears and meets our expectations. The shoe is accurately sized and is available in a wide fit as well.

Gel-Excite 10 upper

The Gel-Excite's jacquard mesh upper has an unexpectedly spacious feel. It offers both comfort and breathability. When the sun is out, you can witness the rays penetrating the toebox, where I also sense a refreshing breeze.

The tongue of the shoe is moderately thin, providing protection for the foot by using medium-width laces that are not too slender, preventing them from causing discomfort. The laces are threaded through a loop in the tongue to ensure its stability.

The midsole of the heel has a curved top that provides support, resembling the Guiderails found in Brooks stability shoes. However, the foam in Excite is softer and doesn't serve as much of a guiding function.

The heel of the shoe is supported by a small heel counter, which functions as a cap rather than being as prominent as the one in Duramo and not as minimal as in Downshifter. The ankle opening is adequately cushioned, comparable to the level of cushioning in GT-2000.

Similar to the Downshifter, this shoe features a convenient heel loop that allows for easy wearing. However, like the Downshifter, I found that I didn't actually need to use it to put the shoe on. It effortlessly slips on without requiring any complicated lacing methods to secure my heel (which, when used, actually makes it more challenging to put on the shoe).

The sockliner in the shoe is of average quality and offers basic comfort. It is spacious enough to allow for the replacement of the liner with custom or store-bought orthotics, if those better meet your requirements. Earlier today, I enjoyed a pleasant six-mile run in the Gel-Excite shoes with my custom orthotics, which provide support to my arch and add a bit of firmness to the shoe.

Overall, this shoe is excellent and comes with a standard sock liner that I used without removing for a minimum of 50 miles.

Gel-Excite 10 outsole

The midsole features Amplifoam+ for a comfortable and reasonably durable experience, although it provides only an average level of energy return for your step-off. The ride is pleasantly smooth and offers average propulsion when moving into toe-off.

The heel-drop is 8 mm.

The inner part of the sole curves outward to offer a form of mechanical resistance against excessive inward rolling of the foot.

The outsole of the shoe is coated with a thin layer of rubber that extends along the sides, heel, and front of the shoe. The rubber has grooves for traction, which work well for running on roads or treadmills. However, the outsole is not as durable or suitable for wet conditions compared to the Duramo or Downshifter models.

Under moderate pressure, the shoe flexes in the middle of the foot.

If you're looking for a shoe that offers comfort, breathability, and a smooth ride, Gel-Excite is definitely worth considering. It ticks all the boxes that runners value and is a fantastic purchase.

Gel-Excite 10 amplifoam+

This shoe is a great choice for neutral runners and those who are new to running, as it provides satisfaction for most runs up to a half marathon.

ASICS ensures that runners can trust the value of Gel-Excite by using high-quality materials in both their affordable and premium footwear options.

  • Price: $70 (Asics)
  • Style: 1011B600.402
  • Color: Waterscape/Electric Lime
  • Usage:
    • daily training
    • a half marathon or shorter distances training
  • Constructions & Features:
    • Designed for neutral runners
    • Heel-drop: 8mm
    • Weight: 260 g / 9.2 oz
    • Neutral support / Regular cushion
    • Ample cushioning at ankle opening
    • Engineered jacquard mesh upper for softer feel and breathability
    • Rearfoot GEL® technology to improve impact absorption and create a softer feeling
    • GUIDANCE LINE® technology
    • AMPLIFOAM™ PLUS cushioning
    • OrthoLite™ sockliner for soft step-in comfort
Gel-Excite 10 heel