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Nike Blazer Mid '77

Colin Kaepernick has gone unsigned since the 2016 season, but his love for the sport remains unchanged. He’s managed to stay connected to the athletic life in his own ways, with one being his sports apparel design efforts with Nike. The brand has long cherished the former 49ers quarterback turned activist’s journey and recently launched ‘Nike Blazer Mid ’77 By Colin Kaepernick’ to honor his impact.

The “Nike Blazer Mid ’77 By Colin Kaepernick” is a masterpiece that comes in three designs. The original piece comes in red, black, and white with a python print on the Nike sign. Other options available are in beige, olive, red, and black combination with the python print

Priced at $135, the design is customizable with more options of plain leather and python leather available on the website.

Nike has supported Colin Kaepernick and his journey over the years, with its varied launches. Last year, the apparel brand partnered with Joy Yamusangie to launch a new apparel line to support Kaepernick’s story.

Nike Blazer Mid '77

However, the latest design from Colin Kaepernick could help the brand’s turnaround plan since it suffered a slump in shares in 2024. Meanwhile, the man of the hour, Kaepernick has set forward his message with the sportswear brand in a poster that reads, “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything”.

Despite the backlash and the stir in his NFL career, the former quarterback has never stepped back from his activism. But that doesn’t mean that his love of the NFL is waning anytime soon.

Not long ago, Colin Kaepernick hit the headlines for wanting to make a comeback to the NFL. In his letter to Joe Douglas, the New York Jets GM, Kaepernick requested to be an asset by leading their practice squad. Though the expectations didn’t come to fruition, Nike US Football included him in the Class of 2024 campaign, naming him amongst ‘The Ones’ who could be game changers. The brand captioned the campaign video writing,

He met the NFL talents at Nike World Headquarters in Oregon, who are looking forward to leaving an impact in the big league. While it is hard to believe that Kaepernick will return to the NFL, he certainly hasn’t lost hope. Meanwhile, he continues to stand strong as a civil rights activist, a journey that he started in 2016.

Nike Blazer Mid '77