Di'Orr Greenwood Partners Nike to Release Two SB Sneakers

Di'Orr Greenwood

Di'Orr Greenwood, an artist and skateboarder who is recognized for incorporating her Navajo roots into her work, is receiving two SB sneakers for her inaugural Nike collaboration.

The Di'Orr Greenwood x Nike SB Dunk High is set to launch in early June, alongside an SB Blazer Mid. The two shoes create a noticeable contrast when shown together, with the Dunk High featuring multiple patterns and four colors, each carrying certain meanings. The Blazer Mid is characterized by a grey color scheme and has a more dramatic design change due to a custom lace shroud. It draws its inspiration from the Diné Long Walk, a time when the Navajo people were forced off their land by the U.S. military.

The Dunk High's base comprises four colors, each meant to represent the four mountains encompassing the Dinétah, or the Navajo homeland, and their respective stones. The turquoise evokes images of blue skies and drinkable water, a common symbol found in Navajo jewelry. The black leather showcases graphics of the Little and Big Dipper, as well as the North Star, selected by Greenwood to symbolize the warmth of home. The white midsole and red suede draw inspiration from moccasins, and sunbeam striping is seen on the shoelace protector. Wooden aglets further ground the shoe in nature, and the phrase "water is life" can be read on the ankle flaps. The mismatched insoles feature graphics of scenic rock formations, among other details scattered throughout the shoe.

Greenwood chose a more subdued palette of grays for the Blazer Mid to symbolize that her generation is the first that can openly celebrate their culture without fear of persecution or death. The ridges encircling the shoe represent the struggles that Indigenous communities have endured. An attached silver ornament with a turquoise bead symbolizes the "light in the darkness." Greenwood added a fixed lace shroud for practical reasons, intending to protect the laces while skateboarding. Finally, "Diné," translating to "the people," is embroidered on the right heel.

The Di'Orr Greenwood x Nike SB Dunk High and Blazer Mid are set to launch on June 4 via the Snkrs app, while select skate shops might release them earlier. The Dunk is priced at $145, and the Blazer costs $110.

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