Rumors that Corteiz x Nike Air Trainer Huarache to be Released in 2024

Chlorophyll Air Huarache throatline

London is the home base of Corteiz, but its collaborative efforts with Nike Air Max 95 had a significant impact worldwide. Speculations suggest that this partnership will extend until 2024, with a fresh focus on revitalizing the Air Trainer Huarache, a sneaker that has long remained in the shadows.

Sources familiar with the situation have informed Complex's Brendan Dunne that there are plans for several variations of the Corteiz x Nike Air Trainer Huarache to be released in the fall of 2024. This announcement comes amidst a busy schedule for the Oregon-based company. While the design of the silhouette is different from the popular Air Max series, which Corteiz's founder Clint is particularly fond of, it still complements the overall aesthetic of the British street fashion brand. As evidence of his interest in the cross-trainer, Clint shared a picture of himself wearing a customized "Dominican Republic" version of the shoe from 2003 on his social media in October.

Patta-branded Nike Air Huarache

Patta, a popular brand in Amsterdam, recently collaborated on a running sneaker called the "Air Huarache". This sneaker incorporates the sole unit from the Pegasus 40. Although 2023 does not signify a significant anniversary for Tinker Hatfield's iconic footwear line, it seems that the brand is responding to consumer demands for vintage products by revisiting some of their 1990s designs.

Nike Alphafly 3 side view

While Nike continues to push the boundaries of innovation with shoes like the Alphafly 3 marathon shoe, their competitors have found success by reintroducing retro styles. The Air Trainer Huarache, which hasn't been seen since the mid-2010s, would be a great addition to this conversation. With Corteiz leading the way, not only will the product be cool, but the campaign material and rollout will be as well.

Netizens who closely follow Corteiz and its founder have made their presence known in comment sections across social media, expressing that Clint has already refuted Dunne's initial report. As of now, no evidence has been presented, leading us to hope that the response was simply a means of maintaining secrecy.

Corteiz x Nike Air Trainer Huarache