Crazy Shoes in 2024 Men's Fashion Shows in Europe

Men's Fashion Shows

The fall/winter 2024 men's fashion shows in Europe have left us with plenty to ponder.

Milan and Paris showcased an array of captivating shoes and accessories that demonstrated Rick Owens' unwavering commitment to pushing design boundaries and Comme des Garçons' intriguing play with proportions.

This month, the fall '24 collections in Paris and Milan showcased an array of intriguing shoe designs. Among them were playful fruit-themed styles that caught the eye, as well as cozy animal-inspired boots. Let's take a closer look at some of the most buzz-worthy men's shoes that made a bold statement in a good way.

Charles Jeffrey banana shoes

In honor of its ten-year milestone, Scottish designer Charles Jeffrey presents his newest collection that combines punk and experimental styles. One of Jeffrey's iconic designs, the claw shoe series, has returned this season as chunky Wellington boots. These boots, created in collaboration with British footwear manufacturer Roker, feature a playful twist in the form of a bright yellow pair that resembles a peeled banana as it extends up the wearer's calf. With these boots, you can now literally walk in a banana, but be cautious not to slip.

shoes with two soles

Comme des Garçons Homme has expanded upon its previous collaboration with Kids Love Gaite, which focused on dual-shoe designs. For the upcoming fall '24 collection, the two brands have introduced a fresh concept. Rather than incorporating two toe boxes like they did last season, this time they have created a shoe with two distinct soles. The lace-up brogue showcases a second sole that protrudes from the side, adding a touch of exaggeration. This dress shoe, complete with wingtip detailing, made its debut on the runway in two variations: a classic black style and a snakeskin-printed leather version. Let's hope this additional sole doesn't cause any unexpected trips.

furry boots

Dsquared2, renowned for its distinctive footwear, unveiled its latest offering for the fall of 2024. The brand's fresh addition, aptly named the "Sasquatch" boots, perfectly aligns with the collection's concept of blending crude and polished elements. These furry boots exude a strong desire for a post-skiing experience amidst the majestic Alps. However, it remains uncertain whether they would retain their allure in wet conditions.

Fendi shoes

This season, Fendi introduced a thrilling partnership with Ma Yansong, the renowned architect behind MAD Architects. The collaboration aims to enhance the season's theme of the harmonious relationship between mankind and nature, adding a touch of futuristic allure. The accessories in this collection are undeniably avant-garde, giving us a glimpse of what lies ahead. In terms of footwear, Fendi and Yansong joined forces to create a slip-on sneaker that embodies the future. The sneaker boasts an organic injection molded sole, complemented by a two-tone bubble design and metallic accents on the upper. With its low, flat profile, this shoe offers an ergonomic alternative to the season's unconventional classics.

Chuck 70 sneaker

The designer, originally from China but now living in London, is renowned for her daring and imaginative fashion creations. Recently, she introduced a unique and extraordinary detachable molded sole. Wang named this 3D molded sole the Chahu, drawing inspiration from the distorted shape of a teapot with its irregular and curved edges. (Tea served as a central theme in her latest collection.) This innovative sole can be attached to Wang's latest collaboration with Converse, the Chuck 70, and is sure to spark interesting conversations.

Biker boot

Nigo introduced several new men's shoe designs for Kenzo this season, but the standout of the collection was undoubtedly the Kenzo Biker. Described in the show notes as a modern take on a biker boot with influences from motocross, this boot pushes boundaries in a positive manner. Crafted from leather, it showcases a silver metal nameplate at the toe and notable silver rivet accents along the calf and upper. Furthermore, a bold "Kenzo Paris" logo dominates the front of the calf, making a strong statement.

furry slip-on

For its fall/winter 2024 runway show, MSGM designer Massimo Giorgetti decided to take the fashion crowd below the surface, onto Milan's red metro line. Among the new footwear options presented by Giorgetti, one caught the eye. It was a Mary Jane shoe made of brushed calfskin, featuring a lug sole, roller buckle, and metal buckle adorned with the MSGM logo. However, the collection's most comfortable shoe stood out in particular. These faux fur mules with leather bottoms offer a more wearable alternative to Dsquared2's Sasquatch boot. They provide a slipper-like, cozy experience, perfect for lounging by the fireplace, while still maintaining a fluffy and playful style.

rubber shoes

The spotlight in Paris fell upon Rick Owens' inflated rubber pull-on stretch boots, which instantly captured everyone's gaze. These unique boots, created in partnership with London designer Straytukay, made a striking appearance on the runway. Available in various colors such as black, forest green, eggshell, burgundy, and brown animal print, the boots' unconventional design has left us wondering if they will be mass-produced. There is a strong possibility that this extraordinary footwear could become the next sensation from this talented American designer.

furry boot

Sacai designer Chitose Abe is contemplating the concept of uniform dressing for her upcoming fall '24 collection. As a potential addition to your essential wardrobe rotation next season, Abe introduces these furry boots. The platform boot design showcases a white and brown long-haired fur upper, with a black version also making an appearance on the runway. Abe's distinctive exaggerated sole completes the look. It remains to be seen whether these boots will become a staple in men's uniforms this fall.