Nike Pegasus 2005 will Return in 2024

Images of the Nike Pegasus 2005 in white/black/metallic silver have been unveiled. Although the exact retail price for the Pegasus 2K5 is currently unknown, it has been confirmed that multiple color options will be available for release next year.

While the Nike AlphaFly 3 has taken over as Nike's flagship running shoe, the Nike Air Pegasus 2005 cannot be ignored for its impeccable embodiment of the timeless "Y2K aesthetic".

Nike Pegasus 2005 - toebox/mudguard

This month, a collaboration between COMME des GARÇONS HOMME PLUS and the 18-year-old design made a discreet comeback. Unlike previous endeavors by Rei Kawakubo's brand, this partnership didn't receive as much attention, but it subtly hinted at a nostalgic revival for Nike's 15th edition of their iconic "workhorse with wings".

The Pegasus 2005, as its name implies, made its entrance into the world of sneakers during the mid-2000s. In terms of appearance, this shoe bears a closer resemblance to its 2002 counterparts rather than the Pegasus 2004. Unlike the 2004 version, which did away with angular breathability lines in the middle of the foot in favor of a completely perforated design, the 2K5 offering maintained the consistent performance that has been the hallmark of the Nike Air Pegasus line since its inception in 1983.

Nike Pegasus 2005 - black

The Pegasus 2005 introduced a new lateral crash pad, enhancing the smooth and cushioned ride provided by the full-length Air units. In addition to excellent breathability, the mesh bases also contributed to the pair's lightweight design. Athletes, like Olympic gold medalist Bernard Lagat, could train in low lighting conditions thanks to the reflective hits at the forefoot and heel.

Similar to the other styles revealed at the SNKRS Showcase, the classic running shoe will make a comeback in various original and fresh color combinations over the course of 2024. Nike will also introduce a contemporary version called Pegasus Wave. This new silhouette bears a striking resemblance to the Pegasus 2005, except for the upper's material, which is made of a neoprene-like substance rather than mesh.

Nike Pegasus 2005 - light green

Retroing a running sneaker that is 18 years old may appear peculiar for a company that consistently emphasizes innovation, yet it is a logical move from a business standpoint.

Over the past couple of years, rival brands have taken over the market and flooded social media with their modernized versions of cushioned mesh designs from the past. The latest Nike Pegasus offers a sleeker look compared to the popular styles of the mid-2000s, but it still holds onto the essence that customers have been drawn to. Furthermore, the Nike Zoom Vomero 5, a running shoe introduced in 2010, has proven that vintage running models with enhanced comfort can achieve great success.

Nike is well aware that consumer preferences can change over time, especially when it comes to reissuing products like the Pegasus 2005. However, the brand is prepared to adapt by utilizing its extensive archive in order to cater to current market demands.

Nike Pegasus 2005 - purple/white