Full Guide for Nike 'Panda Dunks'

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Nike has been regularly releasing the popular "Panda Dunks" since March 2021. In recent times, the brand has replenished the versatile "Black/White" Dunk Low on nike.com, providing sizes for Men, Women, and Kids.

The "Where to Buy" section ahead will be consistently updated with the most recent restock information. While the term "Panda Dunks" usually pertains to the low-top version, there are also occasional restocks of a similar high-top style. In the following sections, you will discover a comprehensive guide to Nike's renowned Dunk, encompassing a lesson on its history and valuable style tips.

When it comes to purchasing "Panda Dunks," Nike's official website is your go-to destination. With an extensive inventory and frequent availability in various sizes for Men, Women, Big Kids, and Little Kids, it is the most dependable platform for acquiring these stylish sneakers.

The "Panda Dunk" shoe is available in various stores worldwide, with Nike and major retailers in the U.S. being particularly reliable in restocking it.

The current price of the shoes on December 19th, 2023 is as follows:

  • Men’s: $115
  • Women’s: $115
  • Big Kid’s: $90
  • Little Kid’s: $70
  • Toddler’s: $55

Nike reserves the right to adjust the prices of its products without prior notification, as exemplified by the Air Force 1 Low and other sought-after designs.

The Nike Dunk first emerged during the mid-1980s, when the company began expanding its reach beyond running and into various sports. While the Nike Blazer had previously achieved success as a mid-top, leather shoe associated with Portland's local team, the Dunk sought to take advantage of Nike's newly established connections with prominent college basketball programs across the country.

Spearheaded by Rob Strasser and John Paul Vincent "Sonny" Vaccaro, Nike's venture into college hoops proved crucial, coinciding with an increase in televised game coverage. As a result, the initial release of the Dunk, known as the "College Color High," featured 12 different styles inspired by schools such as the University of Kentucky, Syracuse University, and Iowa State.

Be True to Your School

These shoes were promoted through print advertisements with the tagline "Be True to Your School", appealing to fans' team loyalty. Moreover, the Dunk's distinct personality allowed it to transcend the boundaries of the NBA and find a place within music-driven subcultures, among artists and street fashion enthusiasts.

In the 1980s and 1990s, it was customary for basketball shoes to be designed in a "Black/White" colorway to comply with professional rules. This color combination was also highly adaptable, enabling players both in the League and beyond to match their sneakers with any uniform they wore.

As early as 1986, Michael Jordan's Air Jordan 1 showcased this clean aesthetic. Surprisingly, the Nike Dunk, which was more accessible and affordable, had not yet been released in the classic "Black/White" style.

Bobby Kim, one of the cofounders of The Hundreds, recently shared an interesting piece of history on Instagram. Back in 2004 or 2005, his brand released a t-shirt showcasing Mousey, a character inspired by Mickey Mouse, but with an "LA hypebeast" style, as described by Kim. Mousey's outfit included a painter's cap, a boxy graphic tee, and a coveted pair of "Black/White" Nike Dunk Low sneakers, which had been highly sought-after by Kim and other knowledgeable collectors for quite some time.

Bobby Kim Mousey t-shirt

On January 15th, 2019, Jeff Staple and Nike collaborated once again, releasing the Nike SB Dunk Low "Panda Pigeon". This new iteration paid tribute to Staple's Chinese roots and served as a follow-up to the highly influential "Pigeon Dunk" release in 2005. While the original sneaker celebrated New York City, the "Panda Pigeon" incorporated elements of China's culture with its black and white panels resembling the country's national animal. Unsurprisingly, these sought-after Dunks sold out swiftly, further revitalizing the popularity of Peter Moore's iconic low-top design. The efforts of influential figures like Virgil Abloh and Travis Scott also played a part in this resurgence.

Nike introduced its own version of the Dunk Low two years after partnering with Staples, and it quickly gained attention as the "Panda Dunks" among online communities and blogs. Since March 2021, these sneakers have become incredibly popular in the sneaker industry. While the low-top version initially sparked the craze, the Nike Dunk High "Black/White" has also enjoyed the colorway's popularity. Regular restocks and availability in Kids sizes have contributed to the shoe's widespread presence.

Panda Pigeon

It is worth mentioning that prior to Staples' collaboration in 2019, there were previously released Dunk pairs known as "Panda" Dunks. However, these earlier versions had a different color-blocking style compared to the now familiar "Panda" aesthetic.

In 2008, Moore's basketball design saw the release of at least two different versions that paid homage to the Giant Panda. One of these versions, exclusive to Grade School, featured the Air Max 90 and replaced the usual Nike branding on the tongue with a graphic of Ling-Ling, a male Chinese-born giant panda residing in Tokyo's Ueno Zoo.

Additionally, a Dunk High was prepared as part of a Japan-exclusive pack, which had "Ueno" text on the tongue label. This particular style, considered extremely rare, had sections covered in "White" faux fur as a direct tribute to China's beloved symbol.

Panda Dunks for women and girls

The versatility of the "Panda Dunks" has contributed to their popularity since their release in 2021.

From its inception, the Nike Dunk has embraced vibrant hues, but its "Black/White" design offers versatility, effortlessly complementing various fashion choices. There are countless ways to don these shoes, yet many opt for pairing them with all-black ensembles. The "Panda Dunks" have especially captivated women and girls, who effortlessly combine the sneakers with skirts, frilly socks, and other feminine accessories. While some prefer to maintain their shoes in pristine condition, others appreciate the worn-in aesthetic. Regardless, the Dunk's color combination ensures effortless styling for any occasion.

Panda Dunks for men

Indeed, the answer is affirmative! While Nike shoes are frequently worn by women, the "Panda Dunks" are not exclusive to them and are also suitable for men. In the past, the Nike Dunk was initially introduced in sizes intended for men and remained exclusively available in this form for a significant period. Just like women, many men have chosen to include the "Black/White" version in their shoe collections due to its versatility.

Men often choose to style the "Panda Dunks" in monochromatic outfits, adding a touch of traditional masculinity by pairing them with cargo pants and other workwear-inspired items. This not only sets their sneakers apart from those commonly associated with women but also gives them the option to opt for the Air Jordan 1 '85 in the same black and white color scheme.

Panda Dunks Remain Fashionable

From March 2021 to the summer of 2022, Nike's uncomplicated collection became highly sought-after footwear. The moment these pairs hit the market, they were swiftly snatched up, leaving many to resort to purchasing them from resellers. The "Panda Dunks" received extensive coverage in renowned fashion publications, cementing their status as a beloved sneaker, especially among millennials.

The sneaker's ubiquity has caused certain individuals to lose interest. Online platforms are frequently inundated with memes and criticism aimed at the "Panda Dunks." The shoes have become more accessible compared to their previous scarcity in 2021 and early 2022, which has slightly diminished their allure. Nevertheless, a casual walk in any major city or a quick browse through social media will reveal the widespread presence of Nike Dunks.

Feel free to purchase and don whatever suits your taste and preferences.

Nike’s Dunk Low of March 2021 may not have originated the concept of "Black/White" sneakers, but it undoubtedly propelled them into widespread popularity.

Since that time, Nike, Inc. and other companies have reconsidered the color combination and introduced different options to compete with the immensely popular original pair. Nike, for example, has released versions of the Dunk High and Dunk Mid in a "Black/White" colorway, but they haven't generated the same level of excitement as the low-top version. Additionally, they have also introduced "neo-vintage" editions of the two-color design, taking advantage of another sneaker trend that has been prominent since 2020.

Other variations of the Air Jordan 1 have emerged, showcasing a simplistic palette, yet featuring distinct arrangements of colors.

Fat Joe's collaboration with Nike, the Terror Squad x Nike Air Force 1 Low, faced backlash from ill-informed critics who claimed it was unoriginal due to its "Black/White" appearance. These individuals failed to recognize that the Bronx-born artist had drawn inspiration from his own exclusive design from the 2000s, rather than imitating the popular "Panda" style.