Nike Full Force Low with "Panda" Color Scheme

Nike Full Force LowPriceReleaseStyleRetailer
Panda color$952023 Dec 16thFB1362-001kickscrew

Unveiled earlier this summer as a sleeker iteration of the Air Force III, the Nike Full Force Low showcases the brand's ongoing fascination with updating its timeless heritage designs. In its debut lineup, the low-top variant introduces a customized grayscale makeover, breathing new life into the revived silhouette.

While the Nike Dunk's composition of layered leather is replicated in the Full Force, it deviates from the popular "Panda" color scheme that seamlessly blends white and black panels. Instead, this updated version opts for a split design, with a dark upper and a blank midsole. The profile swooshes, midsole, and OG tongue tab logos are adorned in a clean white hue, which contrasts against the predominantly black upper and tread, making it a rare occurrence.

Anticipate the arrival of the Nike Full Force Low "Black/White" in December, with a price tag of $95.

Nike Full Force Low "black+white" color

Of course, this is not all. As ShoesClub reported before, Nike Air Force also released other low top sneakers, such as "Rugged Orange" version for women, grey and yellow color and so on. You may click the Tag link below to find more.