Golden Embroideried Adidas Harden Vol.7 for Chinese New Year

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Chinese New Year$1602024IH7516

It appears that James Harden's seventh signature sneaker will be the inaugural adidas player model to receive the Chinese New Year special edition this year.

In keeping with a longstanding tradition that started with James Harden's fourth shoe model, the Harden Vol.7 boasts a distinctive quilt-patterned upper adorned with intricate golden embroidery. The stitching technique used creates a visually stunning 3-D effect, adding depth and dimension to the design.

Adding to the cultural references, the medial midsole features screen-printed iconography that pays homage to the Year of the Dragon. Unlike the more elaborate Chinese New Year designs that often incorporate vibrant reds and golds, adidas Hoops takes a more understated approach, placing greater emphasis on the aforementioned stitch patterns.

Adidas Harden Vol.7 - mudguard

Harden's Los Angeles Clippers have experienced a challenging beginning to the season. However, they have managed to turn things around, achieving an impressive 8-2 record in their most recent ten games. As a result, they have climbed to the 4th position in the NBA's western conference standings. It would be interesting to observe if Harden decides to sport these shoes when facing Ja Morant and the revitalized Grizzlies on December 29th, as that is the day they will be released in China.

It is probable that additional adidas athletes, like Anthony Edwards from Minnesota, will also create their own distinctive versions to commemorate the event.