Adidas Harden Vol.8 Arrives Earlier than Anticipated

Harden Vol.8 toebox

The eighth signature sneaker of James Harden has debuted earlier than anticipated.

The Adidas Harden Vol.8 hit the shelves on Thursday evening via Finish Line, surprising fans by arriving earlier than its anticipated late-February release, without a formal announcement from Adidas.

Previously undisclosed, Finish Line has unveiled that the Harden Vol.8 incorporates both Boost and LightStrike cushioning, akin to its predecessor - the Harden Vol.7. Notably, the shoe boasts a striking innovation: a synthetic ring encircling the upper, akin to the TPU wing of the Adidas AE 1, ensuring enhanced foot lockdown.

Contrary to the initially advertised black and orange color scheme, the Harden Vol. 8 debuts in a white-on-black design, accented by red highlights from the outsole's forefoot traction circles.

Adidas Basketball shoes characterizes the AE 1 and the Harden Vol.8 as heralding a new era in sneaker design, aiming to refresh the market with innovative concepts. The AE 1, introduced in December, has garnered acclaim and consistently sold out, indicating Adidas' promising direction.

Harden Vol. 8 on Finish Line

But after checking, I found that the "Cloud White/Core Black/Scarlet" colorway of Harden Vol. 8 is currently unavailable on Finish Line's website, which was priced at $160. Let's hope that it will be back online soon.