'Light Green' Jordan Zion 3 with Speckled upper

Jordan Zion 3 toebox/mudguard
Jordan Zion 3PriceReleaseStyle
- green/black/white
- Zion Williamson style
- speckled upper
$1402024 Jan 16thDR0675-110

Zion Williamson, a key player for the Pelicans, is eagerly anticipating the upcoming year after a somewhat underwhelming start to the current NBA season. Although he has yet to achieve the statistical heights that are often expected of a top pick and renowned athlete with his own shoe line, this former standout from Duke University possesses the necessary skills to elevate his performance and meet the lofty standards set for a player of his caliber.

Accompanying him in the upcoming month is a fresh iteration of his Jordan Zion 3 signature sneaker, adorned in a combination of white and black hues. The speckled design covering the upper, reminiscent of Zion's triumphant escape from adversity, is bathed in a gentle, luminous green tint.

Mark your calendars for January 16th, 2024 because that's when you can get your hands on these kicks. Available in both adult and GS sizes, this release is one you won't want to miss.