Jordan Luka 3 Changes Formula 23 into Cushlon 3.0

Jordan Luka 3-quarter

As the NBA playoffs draw near, Jordan Brand has unveiled the newest edition to Luka Dončić's signature line, the Jordan Luka 3. This latest model boasts a number of updates and improvements over its predecessor, the Luka 2.

One of the key changes to the Luka 3 is the use of Cushlon 3.0 foam throughout the entire midsole. This foam, which is designed to provide a smooth transition from heel to toe, works in tandem with the Isoplate technology that was specifically created for Dončić's line. The Isoplate has been given a wider outrigger and has shed some of its sidewall to reduce weight, while still maintaining its torsional rigidity to keep the wearer's foot stable over the footbed.

In addition to these performance enhancements, the Luka 3 also features a number of visual cues inspired by performance sports cars. Dončić, a self-proclaimed fan of these vehicles, provided input on the design of the sneaker. The outsole's generative herringbone pattern, for example, is inspired by the tread of a racing tire, while the heel pulls are made from a material similar to that of seat belts.

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The upper of the Luka 3 also features a wavy pattern that is meant to evoke a sense of high speeds. This pattern is a more conceptual riff on the design of performance sports cars, and serves as a nod to Dončić's love of these vehicles.

Jordan Luka 3-upper

Overall, the Jordan Luka 3 is a sleek and stylish sneaker that is sure to turn heads both on and off the court. With its performance-enhancing features and visually striking design, it is the perfect choice for any athlete looking to take their game to the next level.

The Jordan brand has recently announced the release of the highly-anticipated Luka 3 sneakers, which are designed in collaboration with NBA superstar Luka Dončić. The Luka 3 sneakers are a symbol of the long-standing partnership between Dončić and the Jordan brand, and are set to take the sneaker world by storm.

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These sneakers are not only stylish, but they also have an eco-friendly twist. The Luka 3 sneakers are made with at least 20 percent recycled material by weight, making them a sustainable choice for sneaker enthusiasts who are also conscious about the environment. The use of recycled materials in the manufacturing of these sneakers is a step towards reducing the impact of fashion on the environment, and it is a commendable effort by the Jordan brand.

Jordan Luka 3-quarter

The Luka 3 sneakers will make their debut on the court as Dončić and his Dallas Mavericks take on the Los Angeles Clippers in the upcoming series. Fans are eagerly waiting for this moment, as they are excited to see the new sneakers in action. Dončić has shown a great deal of enthusiasm for the Luka 3 sneakers, and has been actively involved in the design process to ensure that they meet his expectations.

The Luka 3 sneakers will first be released in Europe on July 5, and will come in a black and purple “Midnight Racer” colorway. A white and green “Photo Finish” edition will follow on July 16, with a global launch. The pricing for these sneakers has not yet been announced, but fans are already lining up to get their hands on a pair.

In conclusion, the Jordan brand has once again set the bar high with the release of the Luka 3 sneakers. These sneakers are not only stylish and functional, but they are also eco-friendly, making them a must-have for sneaker enthusiasts who care about the environment. With Dončić’s stamp of approval, the Luka 3 sneakers are sure to be a hit among fans and sneaker collectors alike.

Jordan Luka 3-upper
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