Jordan Tatum 2 in 'Mommas Boy' and 'Vortex' Color

Jayson Tatum
Jordan Tatum 2 PriceReleaseSKU
Momma's Boy$1252024 March 5thFZ8824-100
Jordan Tatum 2PriceReleaseSKU
Vortex$1252024 April 4thFJ6457-300

Jayson Tatum, the newest and most youthful member of Jordan Brand, holds a special place within the Jordan Sport category. With an air of elegance, he effortlessly transforms even the most basic attire into a striking ensemble as he confidently enters the arena. Hailing from St. Louis, this 25-year-old athlete carries himself with grace and charm, leaving a lasting impression as he steps onto the basketball court to solidify the Boston Celtics' position among the NBA's elite teams.

Divided between Flight and Velocity, the four-time All-Star and his radiant grin reside in the soaring section of the Beaverton brand’s on-court history, showcasing the effectiveness of his array of shots and footwork skills. Since embarking on his colorway journey with Kelsey Amy on the Air Jordan 34, Tatum has been a key supporter of one of the most deadly superstars in the league.

Jordan Tatum 2

Now, this Christmas, Tatum and the Jumpman banner will be embarking on the next chapter with the highly anticipated release of the Jordan Tatum 2.

"Because Tatum just looks cool and is effortlessly cool, he can pull off a lot of things on his foot and his shoe can be loud. We’ve found that soulful, funky kind of vibe for his shoe is something that he loves. He likes to let the shoe emote a little bit for him to show his excitement for the game and also his confidence even though he’s a little more soft-spoken." - Bryant Klug (Footwear Designer for Jordan Sport)

Refining the sleek design concept from his initial creation, the Jordan Tatum 2 embraces a recognizable low-top silhouette and tongue structure that expands upon the previous model's layered fabric upper.

Jordan Tatum 2 midfoot design

However, this version introduces a sleek leather asymmetrical panel on the side and mudguard. Departing from the hollowed-out sole unit of the first iteration, the Tatum 2 showcases a fresh technological advancement for the brand, with two cushioned fabric pods adorning the midsole and upper, adding both style and functionality.

Drawing inspiration from Tatum's stoic presence, the design team aimed to capture the essence of his unflappable composure on the basketball court. Their goal was to create a shoe that would not only convey a sense of emotional detachment but also provide unparalleled comfort, ensuring that wearers remain impervious to pressure, both metaphorically and physically, with every step.

"When we thought about what a sensation would be that would match that, we thought about a lightweight shoe that allows the foot to find relief from high-pressure components or in-shoe pressure. We were trying to come up with this combo that didn’t sacrifice stability or containment but had this great broken-in feel. That’s the genesis that gives you these big soft pods." - Klug

Jordan Tatum 2 midfoot design

Enhancing the lightweight structure of the Tatum 1, the Jordan Sport design team meticulously studied and identified the areas of highest pressure on Tatum's foot, which were located at the mid-foot and the pinky toe. This innovative technique, referred to as an "efficiency hack" by Klug, allows for a specific component of the shoe to serve a purposeful function while still providing stability and support.

The result is a striking combination of soft foam and textile pods positioned on the outside and inner walls of the shoe, offering immediate relief as the foot extends outward during cuts, steps, and defensive slides. Instead of utilizing negative space like the 1's, the Tatum 1's employ a lightweight TPU frame, which not only acts as a border but also wraps and stabilizes the foot during movements in multiple directions.

Jordan Tatum 2 neon floral accents

"Tatum reminded us and keeps reminding us that he needs a shoe that moves with his foot. His overall goal is to keep the shoe connected to his foot during all of his footwork and eliminating those lags where the foot moves in the shoe independently." - Klug

The creation of the Jordan Tatum 2 stemmed from Tatum's desire for complete synergy between himself and his shoe. However, the extensive utilization of ground contact foam in the Tatum 1 led to various durability issues for players engaging in outdoor activities and regular indoor runs. Klug and the design team had already made significant progress in the construction process when they received numerous feedback regarding durability concerns. During the third iteration of the Tatum 1, Klug, the mastermind behind Tatum's signature line, made adjustments to the model's foundation to incorporate a greater amount of rubber coverage in the areas of the toe and heel that required enhanced traction.

"On the Tatum 2, we really looked at the unsung art of Jayson’s game which is his durability; which he doesn’t get a lot of credit for." - Derek Foster (Senior Product Line Manager at Jordan Brand)

Jordan Tatum 2 quarter/sole

Out of the 10 players chosen for the NBA's First and Second teams in the previous season, Tatum stood out by participating in the most games (74) while averaging almost 37 minutes per game. While the Tatum 1 focused on maximizing energy output in a single game, the Jordan Tatum 2 prioritizes providing the necessary cushioning and durability for an entire season. Despite this, the design team managed to create the lightest signature shoe in the brand's current lineup, with the Tatum 2 weighing only 13.05 ounces in a men's size 9.

The Tatum 2s cushioning enhancements are led by a complete Zoom Strobel system, which was first introduced in the inaugural silhouette. Klug mentions that the sole unit of the Tatum 2s will have a more seamless heel-to-toe transition compared to its 2022 counterpart, thanks to increased foam and rubber coverage. The rubber areas on the outsole blend in with the colors of the textile pods.

Upon closer examination of the design, one can uncover various hidden surprises. For instance, the iconic quote from Tatum's triumphant performance in Game 6 of last year's Eastern Conference Finals is subtly etched onto the midsole. Additionally, the number 0 and the nickname "Deuce" make a comeback, adorning the heel and inner tongue of the shoe, respectively.

Creating a tight bond with the Jordan Brand's team of color designers, Tatum has consistently shared his thoughts and ideas. Establishing a special connection with Expert Color Designer Kelsey Amy, Tatum decided to bring back one of his most cherished Player Editions from last season, the Jordan Tatum 1 "Mommas Boy", for the launch colorway of the Tatum 2.

Jordan Tatum 2 sole units

Since his initial collaboration on the AJ 34, Tatum's mother, Brandy, has been an active participant in every meeting with the brand. During one of the design sessions for the Tatum 1, Amy approached Brandy and suggested that it was time for her to have her own colorway in her son's signature series. Amy started brainstorming with Brandy, drawing inspiration from her affinity for volt and Calla Lillies. The result is the Tatum 2 "Mommas Boy", featuring the same simple white, black, and neon floral accents, with vibrant splashes of hot pink enlivening the Jumpman logo on the heel and forefoot.

In response to Tatum's plea to express his adoration and enthusiasm for the game through his silhouette, the "Vortex" variation of the Jordan Tatum 2 presents a striking color scheme that captures attention. Amidst the turmoil below, Tatum's composure reflects the calm serenity of a swirling vortex above the water's surface. Consequently, a subtle, soft green envelops almost the entirety of the shoe, while the cushioning pods exude a vibrant and lively energy.

Jordan Tatum 2 cushioned pods

During the Celtics Christmas Day game, Tatum will introduce the "Vortex" colorway. However, the Jordan Tatum 2 will be available for purchase in the "Mommas Boy" colorway on March 5th, but only in adult sizes and at a retail price of $125.

On April 4th, the "Vortex" colorway will also be released in full family sizing, with the grade school sizes and lower incorporating the convenient easy-entry tailgate system seen in the Tatum 1.