Lineup of Air Jordan Sneakers Set to Debut in This November

Lineup of Air Jordan Sneakers Set to Debut in This November

November is shaping up to be an exciting month for Air Jordan enthusiasts, as Jordan Brand prepares to release a diverse range of models. The lineup includes beloved classics such as the Air Jordan 1, Air Jordan 3, Air Jordan 4, Air Jordan 5, and Air Jordan 11.

Each featuring either fresh colorways or popular returning ones.

Additionally, there will be unique material choices incorporated into some designs, adding a touch of innovation. Towards the end of the month, a few pairs of Jordans shoes will even come equipped with winter-ready reinforcements, ensuring style and functionality during the colder season.

This month, get ready for a fresh spin on the Air Jordan 1 "Royal" with a luxurious suede makeover. Additionally, the highly anticipated collaboration between A Ma Maniére and the Air Jordan 5 is finally here.

Take a journey with us as we unveil all of November's exciting Air Jordan releases. Please note that some information may be based on leaks, so release details are subject to change. Rest assured, we will keep you informed throughout the month with any updates.

Air Jordan 2 | Women’s “Mauve”
Air Jordan 2PriceReleaseStyle
Women's "Mauve"$1752023 Nov 2ndDX4400-005

The Air Jordan 2 receives a fresh, women-centric color scheme, featuring a nubuck upper and a see-through heel counter. Mauve continues to be a favored selection for Jordan Brand, and this particular rendition showcases its finest utilization thus far.

Air Jordan 1 | Royal Reimagined
Air Jordan 1PriceReleaseStyle
Royal Reimagined$1802023 Nov 4thDZ5485-042

The "Reimagined" series by Jordan Brand presents a fresh take on the Air Jordan 1's classic colorways, opting for a suede material instead of the traditional leather. Although the "pre-sale" prices are lower than retail, this is the type of shoe that many end up regretting not purchasing later on.

Air Jordan 38 | University Red
Air Jordan 38PriceReleaseStyle
University Red$2002023 Nov 7thDZ3356-100

Not everything here is about retros. The newest Air Jordan design showcases a plethora of red, emphasizing the various contrasting patterns on the upper.

Air Jordan 5 | Midnight Navy
Air Jordan 5PriceReleaseStyle
Midnight Navy$2102023 Nov 10thFD6812-400

Introducing a fresh color scheme dominated by shades of blue, the Air Jordan 5 exudes a striking resemblance to a previous edition from 2015. However, this latest iteration showcases a unique twist with its blend of smooth leather and captivating turquoise accents.

Air Jordan 11 | Women’s Neapolitan
Air Jordan 11PriceReleaseStyleRetailer
Women’s Neapolitan$2252023 Nov 11thAR0715-101SneakerPolitics

While the "Neapolitan" color scheme may be a fresh addition to the Air Jordan 11, it is not an unfamiliar or unwelcome choice for sneaker enthusiasts. This particular colorway, designed exclusively for women, is one of two AJ11 releases planned for the upcoming holiday season.

Air Jordan 3 | Women’s “Off-Noir”
Air Jordan 3PriceReleaseStyleRetailer
Women's Off-Noir$2002023 Nov 15thCK9246-001Nike

Dubbed as "Off-Noir" or referred to as "Black Cement" with a touch of suede, devoid of any trace of red, and adorned with subtle modifications, this reimagined rendition of the iconic sneaker is undeniably striking.

A Ma Maniére & Air Jordan 5 | Dawn
Air Jordan 5PriceReleaseStyleRetailer
Women 'Dawn'$2902023 Nov 17thFZ5758-004Nike

A Ma Maniére will introduce "Dawn" as the initial color option for their upcoming Air Jordan collaboration. Founder James Whitner drew inspiration from Maya Angelou and James Baldwin when discussing the theme of "Dusk to Dawn." The release date for the second part of the sneaker collection has not been disclosed yet.

Air Jordan Golf “Gift Giving Pack”
Air Jordan GolfPriceReleaseStyleRetailer
Gift Giving Pack$2102023 Nov 17thFD6815-001Nike

In its ongoing efforts to expand its golf collection, Jordan Brand is set to introduce three redesigned Air Jordans specifically crafted for the golf course. All three models, namely the Air Jordan 1 High and Low, along with the Air Jordan 6 Low, boast a sleek silver upper. Adding a touch of uniqueness, both versions of the AJ1 feature a translucent blue outsole, whereas the AJ6 showcases a transparent sole that unveils a personalized graphic.

Air Jordan 2 | Origins
Air Jordan 2PriceReleaseStyleRetailer
Origins$1752023 Nov 18thDR8884-101Nike

In a tribute to its Italian origins from its 1986 debut, the Air Jordan 2 embraces a fresh color scheme reminiscent of the Italian flag.

Air Jordan 4 | SE Craft “Olive”
Air Jordan 4PriceReleaseStyleRetailer
SE Craft "Olive"$2102023 Nov 18thFB9927-200Nike

The Air Jordan 4 embraces a bold military aesthetic, incorporating suede and abandoning the traditional netted window at the midfoot in exchange for a textured quilted suede design.

Air Jordan 13 | Wheat
Air Jordan 13PriceReleaseStyleRetailer
Wheat$2002023 Nov 21st414571-171Nike

In 2004, the Air Jordan 13 "Wheat" emerged as a groundbreaking departure from the original color palettes. This release not only paved the way for Jordan retros with a more lifestyle-oriented aesthetic, but also contributed to the growing trend of sneakers drawing inspiration from Timberland boots.

Air Jordan 2 | Low Women’s “Chicago Twist”
Air Jordan 2PriceReleaseStyleRetailer
Black Satin$1502023 Nov 21stFD4849-106Nike

Dubbed the "Chicago Twist" by the sneaker enthusiasts of the Windy City, this fresh iteration of the AJ2 puts black in the spotlight like never before. Adding a unique twist to the mix, satin is introduced alongside the classic leather material.

Air Jordan 3 | Fear
Air Jordan 3PriceReleaseStyleRetailer
Fear$2102023 Nov 25thCT8532-080Nike

Although it may have missed the Halloween deadline, the Air Jordan 3 "Fear" is set to make a triumphant return between two less eerie holidays. Originally launched in 2013, this highly anticipated release is sure to be met with the same level of excitement.

Air Jordan 8 | Winterized Gunsmoke
Air Jordan 8PriceReleaseStyleRetailer
Gunsmoke$2102023 Nov 27thFD1334-001Nike

The Air Jordan 8 has reached its 30th anniversary, and the celebration has taken various forms. One of these is the incorporation of the iconic "Aqua" colorway onto the Air Jordan 6. To prepare for the winter season, the AJ8 has undergone a special treatment. It now features water-resistant nubuck and a thicker collar lining to provide warmth. Additionally, the reflective straps have been enhanced to make them even more noticeable under lighting, surpassing the shine of the silver accents.

Air Jordan 6 | Gore-Tex Women’s “Brown Kelp”
Air Jordan 6PriceReleaseStyleRetailer
Brown Kelp$2502023 Nov 29thFD1643-300Nike

Gore-Tex takes the reinforcement to the next level with these Js that will function as sturdy boots.