BEAMS and New Balance upcoming release GORE-TEX 574

BEAMS and New Balance upcoming release GORE-TEX 574

BEAMS and New Balance have a longstanding history together. Since their initial collaboration in 2009, when they introduced the lesser-known 990EX silhouette, their partnership has consistently delivered exceptional results.

New Blance and Beams 990EX

One of their most exceptional collaborations thus far, the latest 574, featuring GORE-TEX and previewed on BEAMS' Instagram on November 6, stands out among their numerous joint ventures.

Despite only a small glimpse of BEAMS' New Balance 574 being unveiled at this point, it is evident that it encompasses all the customary elements of a traditional design. With its bulky midsole, contrasting panels on the upper, and a stitched "N" logo, the shoe stays true to its iconic features.

This season, BEAMS has transformed the 574 sneaker into a winter-ready footwear option. They achieved this by applying a full GORE-TEX coating to both the suede and mesh panels of the shoe.

BEAMS' Instagram account currently teases the upcoming release of the New Balance GORE-TEX 574, hinting at an imminent unveiling based on their past patterns.

This isn't the first time that BEAMS and New Balance have joined forces. They have collaborated multiple times since their debut in 2009, releasing different versions of the 920 with Paperboy Paris, the 2002R, and most recently, a unique sneaker-mule hybrid.

Even though BEAMS has not yet fully unveiled the GORE-TEX 574 from their New Balance collaboration, all indications, from the color scheme to the complete GORE-TEX treatment, suggest that this sneaker will be another impeccably designed addition to my collection in the near future, whether I am personally inclined towards it or not.