Marine-inspired Nike LeBron 21 in Algae color

Nike LeBron 21PriceReleaseStyle
- algae color
- suede upper in Oil Green
- Vapor Green outsole
$2002024 Jan 25thFV2345-302

If you are an avid follower of basketball and keep up with the latest news in the sport, chances are you have come across numerous headlines highlighting the revolutionary impact of the Nike LeBron 21.

The NBA's in-game replay has sparked some debate surrounding LeBron's latest shoe, the LeBron 21. In a photo shared by LeBron, taken during a game between LA and Minnesota, the image shows a close-up of the toe of his shoe, with a small gap between it and the blue three-point line. This suggests that the resulting shot should have been counted as a three-pointer. However, the referees disagreed and only awarded two points, resulting in a loss for the Lakers. While this camera angle may suggest that the foot was behind the line, a different perspective, such as an aerial top-down view, may reveal that the toe was actually hovering above it.

LeBron shot at three-point line

Our purpose is to reintroduce the LeBron 21 into the spotlight, with the sole intention of informing you about a fresh edition known as the "Algae" colorway. This particular version boasts a complete suede upper in Oil Green, complemented by a matching Vapor Green outsole.

It aligns with the ongoing marine-inspired concept that originated with the initial "Akoya" colorway release in late September, and will be further evident in upcoming releases such as the LeBron 21 "Aragonite".

Loyal supporters of the King can mark January 25th on their calendars, as this significant date will bring forth an exquisite selection at Nike Basketball stores for a price of $200. Stay tuned for additional information and official visuals as the day draws near.