New Balance 550 in 'Navy and Quarry Blue' Color Scheme

New Balance 550PriceReleaseStyleRetailer
- White/Navy Blue/Quarry Blue
- white leather
$1102024 Jan 4BB550NQBNew Balance

As we step into the new year, the Boston brand New Balance is ensuring that fans of the 550 are not left disappointed. With a wide range of options readily accessible, the brand is keeping the popularity of this lifestyle model thriving.

New Balance 550 toebox/mudguard

New Balance presents a fresh rendition of the 550 silhouette, showcasing NB Navy and Quarry Blue accents against a backdrop of white leather. This iteration pays homage to the original color blocking scheme that has become synonymous with the 550, while offering a unique twist. It serves as an alternative option to the highly sought-after Navy Aime Leon Dore 550s that made waves upon their release last year.

While information regarding a potential release in the US remains undisclosed, we invite you to take a closer look at the images to stay up-to-date.