New Balance Releases Shohei Ohtani's Signature Shoe

Shohei Ohtani

Shohei Ohtani, the baseball sensation, has partnered with New Balance to create a distinctive collection bearing his name. This collaboration includes a cleat designed specifically for the multi-talented player.

The New Balance Ohtani signature line will feature on-field performance gear, off-field sportswear essentials, and Ohtani's first signature cleat, the Ohtani 1. New Balance developed the Ohtani 1 with the unique requirements of a two-way player in mind, crafting it to sit closer to the ground.

The cleat incorporates New Balance's FuelCell foam, providing comfort and durability. The toe box features a raised triangle pattern, reminiscent of the architectural details found in some Japanese professional baseball stadiums. The uppers are made with premium PU material, ensuring durability and consistent performance throughout the grueling season without compromising flexibility.

The Ohtani 1 will be available in two color schemes: white with gold accents and black with gold accents. Consumers will have the option to choose between metal cleats and turf styles.

“In designing Shohei’s spike, we knew every detail mattered. Comfort, durability and ground feel were the most important to him, so there are no contours or recesses on the plate to maintain a flat surface underfoot to help prevent mud from caking and to allow the studs to interact with the ground. The studs themselves are approximately 2 mm lower to the ground compared to traditional spikes, as this concept of ground feel and using the ground as leverage is something well understood in Japanese baseball but less so in other parts of the baseball world where thick, cushioned midsoles act to help alleviate the stud pressure underfoot.”

- Matt Nuzzo, New Balance senior product manager for field of play

The New Balance apparel line designed for Shohei Ohtani takes its cues straight from the baseball diamond. The collection, beyond the cleats, features a curated selection of garments that capture the essence of the sport. The woven jacket, pants, and cotton tees showcase a blend of timeless neutral shades and the brand's signature marsh green, evoking the hues of the infield, pitcher's mound, and outfield.

Additionally, the French Terry pieces boast overlocking stitch patterns that are reminiscent of the stitching on a baseball, while several items incorporate double pockets as a nod to Ohtani's unique abilities as a two-way player.

NB Ohtani 1

“I have a deep respect for the heritage of baseball and the sport itself, and I love that the collection pays tribute to the traditional old-school style while bringing a new-school twist. Every item can fit an athlete’s wardrobe on and off the field and collaborating with New Balance to capture that perfect balance was such an exciting moment for me.”

- Ohtani

The Shohei Ohtani Signature Collection makes its debut on July 15, but fans in Fort Worth, Texas, can get an early glimpse at the New Balance MLB All-Star Weekend pop-up event, where they'll have a 24-hour head start before the official launch. New Balance has also revealed that additional on-field performance items from the collection are set to arrive in the colder months.